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The benefits of ASUS Smart Gesture

You may have noticed that Asus Smart Gesture (or otherwise called Asus Smart Pad) is preinstalled on your Asus PC. It is there to seamlessly optimize hardware and software so that your tactile experience true and precise as possible. But what advantages does it provide? How can you use it effectively to optimize your use and improve your productivity?

What is Asus Smart Gesture?

Asus Smart Gesture

Asus Smart Gesture is a driver built into Asus laptops to address many of the gesture issues associated with the latest Windows 10 updates.
In some PC’s It has not been installed directly, if your PC is one of these you can download it here: https://www.asus.com/fr/support/FAQ/1009613

This very useful software makes it possible to correct many bugs (in particular those associated with the use of the touchpad or the numeric keypad), but it can also manage the multi-gesture functionalities of your laptop: typing, clicking, dragging ... basically, everything your mouse can do.

Asus Smart Gesture

Why use Asus Smart Gesture?

Asus Smart Gesture is software that allows you to enjoy many advantages, provided you know how to use it.

Fix Windows 10 update bugs

After updating Windows 10, you may encounter problems when using the touchpad on your Asus PC: two-finger function or zoom function that no longer works, inability to scroll… Before thinking of replacing and ordering a new touchpad, see if Asus Smart Gesture can fix the issue.

Your laptop's numeric keypad can also be disabled by Windows 10 updates, so here too you can restore it using Asus Smart Gesture.

Use Asus Remote Link on your smartphone

Thanks to Smart Gesture, you can also use Asus Remote Link to transform your mobile device into a remote control for your computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Asus Remote Link has a touchpad function with multi-touch gestures: you can configure this function with Smart Gesture.

Using Smart Gesture is very simple, just let the application guide you through the processes that you want to modify (Gesture, Mouse detection or Mobile control).

Asus Smart Gesture

Optimizing the use of your touchpad

ASUS Smart Gesture is an ideal tool to optimize the use of your pad and boost your productivity. With your fingertips, you will be able to simulate the mouse buttons directly on your pad, whether it is the scroll wheel, the right click, the left click ... And you will even be able to use additional functions like enlarging, vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling or go to the next page.

All of these options will come in handy when using spreadsheets, graphics programs, word processing software, etc. No need to go back and forth between your touchpad and your mouse, ASUS Smart Gesture makes your life easier.
News added at : March 31, 2020 at 08:36 AM
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