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Since 2001, Asus has had 53,095 awards across the world.

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Since 2001, Asus has had 53,095 awards across the world.
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Before their being titled one of the best firms in the technology industry, their history starts with TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and MT Liao whom as highly talented technicians, in 1989, left Acer to start their own company.

Asus en 1989

In the beginning, these 4 engineers focused their attention onto the graphics card market. Followed by investing into the motherboards, which led to within 30 years selling of more than 550 million motherboards.

In 1996, the brand releases its first PC laptop within the context of the industry producing at the time mostly towers and cathodic screens. Welcome the P6300!

Asus Isa-386C P6300
Asus Eeepc Lamborghini VX series

In 2007, Asus commit longstanding to enter the laptop market with its mini-laptop EeePC. A huge success with this, it drives a collaboration with the luxury car brand Lamborghini in which they release the series VX, the first of any of their laptop series. After 3 years, in 2010, the company launches the model U36 which becomes the most refined PC laptop of the year.

Asus U36

For the past 20 years, Asus has been engaged in investments for the highest innovations of top quality for all their items. This Taiwanese company has succeeded to become an enterprise of such importance admired by the entire world within 2 decades.

These continued efforts reflects through in each product as they are keen on the development, the conceptualization, the innovation, the technology, the quality, the service and the energy efficiency noted world-wide.

Since 2001, Asus has been offered 53,095 honor awards by international organizations and prestigious media groups. The momentous year was 2019 in regards to the amount of accolades.

Asus Awards
  • 1. Fortune magazine nominated Asus in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 as the most admired enterprises worldwide.
  • 2. 4 CES® Awards, in 2019, were granted to the innovation put forth in the Asus products for their conceptualization and production engineering.
  • 3. In 2019, the Asus products delivered in that 4 Good Design Awards were given. Each award is based on their excellence in design and engineering.
  • 4. The iF Design awards were handed to the Asus company in 2019 at a quantity of 22 which hails as the world renowned label of quality.
  • 5. Once again in 2019, Asus gained 21 Red Dot Awards in recognition of its worldwide renowned professional design, and also bringing the tally for the company from 2001 to present up to 100 Red Dot Awards.

Asus EuP certification

Regardless of the successes in different industries, Asus has not lost its spirit of wanting to be in durable development as a large, industrial group of our times. Due to this, Asus was the first technological global company to obtain the standards of the EU Flower Eco Certification. Another first is their arrival to EuP (Energy-using Product) certification standards for the models N10, N20, N50 and N80 were less energy consumers.

Today, Asus continues to uphold the long tradition of going green in their technology developments to be the most reliable and most advanced in the world.

Each award is a testament to this incessant quest and the engagement to create solutions for everyone’s enjoyment.

In the year 2020, let us keep history going!