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The long awaited Asus gaming Smartphone is here to take the title of the Best Gaming Phone,the new Asus ROG Phone.

Considered the coolest smartphone for gamers, this Gaming-focused smartphone is becoming more of a thing and the ROG Phone is highly anticipated and is certainly an innovative device, and Asus has taken the biggest step yet towards making the "gaming phone" a thing.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

This phone follows the ROG design language, with a few nifty features designed to appeal to gamers, with its sharp lines, a black finish and distinctly "gamer" looks.

Even the fingerprint sensor, camera and flash modules on the back are distinct from other phones, and you can see the glowing ROG logo under them. And yes, the ROG logo does light up, and you can change the color if you want.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

Most of the back is covered in glass, with a cut-out metallic section on the right side that houses speaker grilles. Asus has also curved the rear edges, so the phone nestles in your palm.

There's another speaker grille indented in the top bezel, and an identical grille in the bottom bezel, both in a reddish-gold color, to continue the stealthy looks of the phone.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

The power on/off and volume buttons are on the right, accompanied by two USB Type-C ports for attaching accessories. There's another Type-C port on the bottom for charging the phone.
Overall, the ROG Phone is certainly distinct, and clearly 'gamer-focused'.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

The ROG Phone runs on the Snapdragon 845 CPU, with Qualcomm for the chipsets, and a clock speed that can reach 2.9GHz, about 100MHz higher than normal. But more importantly, the ROG Phone has a 1080p AMOLED 6.0" display (2160 x 1080) with 90Hz refresh rate. It has also a great size/weight ratio of 6.25" x 3" x 0.34" and 200 grams.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

However, what's more interesting is the vapor-cooling technology Asus employs on this device. This is the first phone to sport such tech, meaning there is no noticeable drop in frame rates, even after the phone gets considerably and uncomfortably hot. For example, you will be able to stream games to a TV from a ROG phone for over half an hour, and although you could feel the phone getting hot, you will still experience no frame drops.

The ROG Phone may also be the loudest smartphone out there today. Its speakers can easily fill a medium-sized room if there's no peripheral noise. Audio quality is also noticeably better than from regular smartphones with its loud speakers and audio which is more biased towards the high frequencies.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

One of the major elements of the Asus ROG Phone are the accessories that go with it. In addition to the vapor cooling, Asus will be bundling a fan accessory with the phone; this attaches to the USB-C ports on the side, and helps cool the phone when you're gaming for long periods.

Another element is a TwinView Dock, which allows a dual-screen handheld gaming experience. The phone fits into the top part of the dock, and you can then use the phone to watch a movie, for example, while a screen on the base can be used to game.

Asus ROG Phone - gaming smartphone

There's also a Gamevice controller, which gives you console-like controls for gaming, while the WiGig Dock enables you to cast the phone onto a monitor and play using a keyboard and mouse. The ROG Phone also supports Asus' AuraSync and RGB lighting features.

The ROG Phone will certainly tickle the fancy of gamers, with a distinct look and some marvelous features that no one else is offering right now, and Asus may be able to spark real interest in the introductory gaming phone market.

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News added at : October 13, 2018 at 7:13 PM
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