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Repairing your asus laptop during confinement

Many of you have most likely asked yourself this question considering that your laptop has in recent weeks become a central element of your life in confinement. You use it to play video games, communicate with loved ones or to telecommute. The family computer is in high demand and this can sometimes lead to being abused.

The worst thing that could happen to this precious item is for it to breakdown or get damaged. Is it possible to have it repaired despite the confinement? We are here to answer your questions.

Repairing your Asus PC for a minor crash

If the breakdown or problem with your Asus laptop is minor, you will be able to repair it yourself by ordering the appropriate parts online.

Our technical team regularly produces help sheets or tutorials explaining how to deal with certain breakdowns, take care of your equipment, or replace certain parts.

You will find these files and these articles listed below:

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

Why is my ASUS PC so slow?

How to choose and change the battery of my Asus Laptop?

How to choose a charger for my Asus PC?

Why is my Asus laptop overheating?

The more severe breakdowns of your Asus laptop

Your computer may have a more significant hardware failure that requires the advice or diagnosis of a repair professional.

The Decree of March 15, 2020, supplementing the decree of March 14, 2020 carrying various measures relating to the fight against the spread of the covid-19 virus published in the Official Journal of March 16, 2020, authorizes repair centers to remain open during the confinement.

centre de réparation informatique Ifacette marseille
computer repair center in Marseille- Ifacette

To travel to these centers, you will need to have a Travel Certificate
that you can generate on the government site.

Attestation numérique de déplacement

You must specify the reason: travel to make essential purchases in authorized establishments.

In case you are stopped by law enforcement, you can show them the decree of March 15 which lists the authorized establishments below


How to find the right repair shop for your PC?

Remember that we are not a repair center, but we work with a very large number of professionals to whom we guarantee daily supplies and deliveries.

Our team can therefore help you find the best repair shop near you, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form so that we can direct you to repair shops anywhere in France.

Some of these shops can do home repair: when you contact them, you can ask them if they provide this service.

Regarding trips to the repair center, they must of course follow safety rules.

Reminder of security measures

For the safety of customers and employees of repair shops, there are often strict safety and distancing measures:

- No more than 2 customers in the store

- floor markings

- Groups and children are sometimes restricted or not allowed

- Respect social distancing and maintain a minimum of one meter separation between you and other people present in the store.

- Please show good civil and personal responsibility.

- If these rules are not respected the staff can refuse access to the store

- Wearing a mask may be advised

The store entrance doors can either be opened to improve air circulation, or closed if there is only one employee present in the repair center.

These trips must be for a critical need and not for leisure, we remind you that the rule is indeed total confinement at home, everyone must stay at home so that the epidemic is stopped as quickly as possible.
News added at : April 24, 2020 at 4:57 PM
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