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How to telework successfully

While the containment guidelines are tightening due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the government is encouraging everyone to stay at home. Some of us are forced to work from home, telework, when possible or when it is essential to safeguard their business.

Most employers will provide the equipment necessary for your work, but this is may not be the case and you will to procure your own equipment. First you must identify what your needs are during this teleworking period.

Quality and efficient IT equipment will be essential during this unusual period; Accessoires Asus is here to provide support. In this article, we suggest that you make an inventory of what your needs are and provide you with useful information to help you choose the right equipment or select the correct parts to repair your computer.

Telework and your internet connection

If your work requires the processing and sending of large files or the transmission of videos to your collaborators, the quality of your connection will have to be more important than if you only have to deal with emails or word processing.

Sufficient internet connection is essential to continue your activity. It is important to distinguish between the two streams that form your ADSL line:

  • The Incoming stream which is the stream which allows you to download the files
  • The Outgoing stream which allows it to send files.

You can test your connection using dedicated sites such as dégrouptest or ZoneADSL.

Débit internet

These sites will let you know in detail how long it will take you to download a file of a certain size and how long it will take you to send it.

The essential teleworking tools

You are now teleworking, of course, but that does not cut you off from the world or from your colleagues

It is imperative that you have a minimum amount of training with the various tools that are essential for communicating online with your colleagues.

You often have to communicate with your colleagues, supervisors, employees, your customers ... Many software tools are at your disposal for video conferencing, connection sharing or remote access.

Skype software

The most common is Microsoft's Skype software: it will allow you to communicate in several ways; virtual (online)telephone, videoconference and even messaging, as a group or privately.

Wifi Repeater (Booster)

If you are a large family that needs to extend the range of your WiFi to rooms of your house where it does not work very well, you can opt for a WiFi Repeater (Booster).

Thanks to this device you can extend your ability to connect to your Wifi to any room using the electric current of your home.

Répéteur wifi Asus

TeamViewer for remote access

If you cannot transpose your companies huge database to your home computer, or use dedicated software that is only accessible from your office workstation, you can install remote access software like Teamviewer.

This software will allow you to control the computer in your office with the one you use at home. You will have to install the software on both computers.

Which Asus laptop for telecommuting?

Not all laptops are created equal or intended for the same purpose. A laptop PC for office automation will not have the same price and the same design as a laptop PC for multimedia creation.

In order to review the perfect PCs for teleworking, we invite you to read our our news on this subject.

Regarding laptops for creating multimedia content (design, photo, video, 3D design) you should favor PCs with a powerful processor like an Intel i7 with at least a speed of 2 GHz, 8 GB of RAM (16 GB would be better), with a minimum 512 GB SSD hard drive ...

Several Asus laptops meet these criteria like the Zenbook 15 UX534FT or the ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV.

In order provide you with a maximum amount of information and answers to your questions about your ASUS laptop during this difficult and trying time, we have many help sheets that are available to assist you and answer many of your questions.

If you have other more technical or detailed questions, some of these are answered in the articles below:

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For all other technical questions, related to repairs or the search for spare parts, we invite you to contact us by email via our our contact form !

(Tele) work well!
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