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How to reset my Asus laptop?

A few years ago, resetting your Asus laptop was a real adventure: everything was done with a Windows boot CD. The procedure was quite tricky requiring several steps with continuous monitoring and interventions of the computer throughout the process. In short, you still had to be computer savvy if you didn’t want to lose your important data.

Today, resetting your PC is much simpler: with Windows 10 you can revitalize your laptop with just a few clicks. We will tell you all you need to know in this article!

réinitialisation Windows

The steps to reset (restore) your laptop

Please note that resetting a PC is different from formatting. The system reset allows you to restore your PC to its factory settings. Whereas, formatting deletes all the information present on the hard disk, including the operating system. Therefore, we must understand the difference.

We'll tell you how to reset an Asus laptop while backing up your data. You'll see, it's child's play!

reinitialisation Windows 10

Reset in classic mode

  1. Click on "Start"
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "Update & security"

Paramètres Windows 10

4. Click on "Recovery" and then select the option "Reset this PC"
5. Click on "Get Started"

réinitialiser mon pc portable

6. Click on "Keep my files"
7. Click on Next

You must confirm that you understand that it will be necessary to reinstall the apps after the reset.

8. Click on "Next"
9. Click on "Reset"

This is the last screen in the sequence before the reset begins.

réinitialiser mon pc portable

Note: if the "Reset" function does not work in the operating system (in the case where Windows has crashed), you can try the "WINRE (Windows Recovery Environment)" mode.

PC reset in "WINRE" mode

  1. Click on "Recovery" then select "Advanced startup".

  2. Click on "Restart now", the operating system will restart and go into "WINRE (Windows Recovery Environment)" mode.
Now your laptop is reset and ready to start anew. What used to be a hassle a few years ago is nothing more than ancient history!

Why reset your laptop?

You may find it essential to revitalize your laptop after a long and fruitful relationship. This simple makeover will revitalize your laptop ensuring many more quality moments.

It can be essential to reset your laptop as soon as it, after beautiful and long years of life and complicity with its user, begins to tire. Indeed, this manipulation is often synonymous with second youth and makeover for your computer.

You may want to reset your Asus PC, if you are parting with your computer whether it is within your family or in the event of a sale. It is better that all your digital history (photos, internet searches ...) be erased before handing it over to someone else.

Other reasons to reset: if you notice that your computer malfunctions regularly, is particularly slow, has regular virus attacks, screen bugs, corrupted critical files, etc.
News added at : April 17, 2020 at 08:49 AM
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