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How to choose a charger for my Asus PC

Are you having trouble charging your computer? Is your charger simply no longer charging the battery? Is your charger making an unusual noise?

It is not uncommon for the original charger (sold with the laptop) to encounter problems after a few years of use, a charger is considered a perishable, like an ink cartridge or a car tire.

The charger on your computer is particularly subject to wear and tear considering its daily use. So how do you replace a defective battery? What are the criteria to take into account? We will tell you everything you need to know.
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Asus laptop charger: What is the cause of the failure?

Before replacing your Asus computer charger, it is necessary to distinguish what is the reason for the failure.

What are some of the things to check before changing

The more obvious check list:
  • Is your electrical outlet providing sufficient current?
  • If you are using a power strip or extension cord, is it working properly?
  • Is the charger properly connected to your laptop?
  • And if your charger uses a second extension from the adapter to the wall outlet, is this cord securely plugged into your wall outlet.

chargeur asus

If all these connections are secure and true, but you are still experiencing difficulty charging, the problem can be emanating from the charger ... But not exclusively.

Check your computer’s adapter

Please check that the adapter does not show any physical damage (especially after drops, or maybe your pet has left teeth or claw marks on it). In the case of visible damage and If you have a second charger, you may want to test it in parallel.

Check your PC battery

If everything is well connected and your charger is not damaged, but the battery is still not charging correctly, the problem may come from the battery itself.

Note: a battery wears out over time: it is expected to have, on average, 500 charge/ discharge cycles. So test your charger without the battery and see if the computer stays on.
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Check the power connector

A charger failure can result from a problem with the connection pin of the power connector on your laptop. This part can be replaced if the pin is broken or bent, but repair is not that simple; some micro-soldering is required, which is best left to a professional.

If the LED, indicating that the PC is powered on, does not light up and the charger makes a repetitive noise (about every second, a kind of "tick, tick, tick ...") ... the charger is the issue.
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Replace your Asus laptop charger: what do you need to know?

Before you start looking for a replacement charger, it is important to gather the essential information:
  • Your computer model
  • The references of your original charger
  • The voltage- expressed in volts (V)
  • Current - expressed in amperes (A or Amp)

It is very important to use model number when you are looking for the charger. For added security, you can send us the serial number of your laptop before your purchase using our contact form so that we may confirm and link you to the specific charger for your laptop.

- 1 Charger model: PA-1121-28 / 1421 U1 REV A10
- 2 Input voltage (electric voltage or power), between 100 and 240 Volts
- 3 Input frequency 50 - 60 Hertz
- 4 output power (19 volts) and current (6.32 amps)
- 5 The various safety certifications and references from the original Asus charger

Note that when purchasing your new charger, a difference of plus or minus 1 volt is negligible and tolerated. For current (Amps), it can be higher but never lower.

To avoid damaging your battery during charging, it is strongly recommended to use an original manufacturer's charger, complying with European standards (“low voltage” directives 2014/35 / EU, “electromagnetic compatibility” 2014/30 / EU and standard EN60950-1 replaced in December 2020 by standard EN62368-1).

How to define the diameter of the connector of my PC charger?

To determine the correct dimensions of your connector, you will need to take three measurements: the length of the connector, the size of the outside diameter and the size of the inside diameter.

For this, you can use a ruler or, better, an electronic caliper that will give you measurements to the millimeter.

Good to know: during your search for a new charger, the diameter size references will be noted in this order: connector length / outside diameter / inside diameter.

Example with an 0.47 x 0.2 x 0.12 connector

- 0.47 represents the length of the connector: 0.47 inch or 11 millimeters
- 0.2 represents the outside diameter: 0.2 inch or 7.9 millimeters
- 0.12 represents the inside diameter: 0.12 inch or 5.4 millimeters

Important recommendations for the proper use of an Asus charger

1. It is recommended that you use an original Asus charger to avoid compatibility concerns.

2. Do not leave the device on the ground with the cable taut during charging. Also be careful that the casters or wheels on your desk chair do not pinch the cable which could lead to a short circuit or bad contact.

3. Avoid using adapters that are not meant for a computer model. Using an adapter that does not conform to the specifications of the laptop (dimensions, tip, etc.) could cause costly hardware failures with both the charger and the laptop.

4. Please make sure that the size and shape of the DC Jack match. Never force a connection and always check that the electrical specifications of the adapter (especially voltage and amperage; for example 19V / 6.32A) are appropriate. Both the charger and your laptop may be damaged due to an electrical overload.

5. Avoid cheap off brand chargers, these are often products that can be dangerous for your equipment but also for your safety. There are many inexpensive adapters, but they don't always suit your computer. Always focus on quality.

Be a good steward of the planet and don’t pollute!! Remember never to throw your defective charger in the garbage, Consider recycling it by dropping it off at the entrance of your supermarket in the boxes provided for this purpose.

You can also use our sites Search Application to help you find the right charger for your laptop.

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