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Computers and digital technology in the age of ecology

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The year 2020 will be a pivotal and important year for the ecological transition ... We are all convinced of this. Many companies in the IT sector will have to work from a new reading grid in order to better respond to the challenges ahead! This is why Asus is launching "Green Asus".

Which way is computing and digital technology going? What actions are we taking? We tell you everything in this article.

Ecology and electronic devices today

Electronics around the world

Today's annual CO2 emissions from the computer industry are twice as large as from the commercial aeronautics industry. So it's time to reverse the trend!

The IT industry, and by extension the digital world, can both increase our daily ecological footprint but can also bring us many opportunities to reduce it and thus accelerate the ecological transition.

The development of digital tools, in particular the Cloud, is changing the way we work, eat, move, heat up every day a little more and revolutionize the way we inform ourselves through new channels.

This digital transformation offers new innovative solutions, ready to accelerate the ecological transition in the right direction. But this digital development should also not be minimized in relation to its energy impact. In 2015, the consumption of data centers in France was 3 TWh, the equivalent of the consumption of the city of Lyon.

Also in 2015, the consumption of all data centers represented 10% of global energy consumption, with growth of 5% every year ... And by 2021 the storage capacity should be multiplied by a further 4 ... action must therefore be taken to reduce this energy consumption!

PC portable et écologie

The IT professionals that we are must respond to these changes, we must change the game quickly.

Faced with the rapid increase in climate change, the degradation of ecosystems and the depletion of natural resources, the issue is a moral and urgent obligation.
The main issues related to environmental impacts will have to be addressed during the manufacturing phases and during the various phases of end-of-life management of IT products, production and recycling are closely linked.

Laptop lifecycle

Computer science and ecology: what are the possible solutions to study?

- To avoid the overproduction of materials which favors a considerable increase in overconsumption, we will have in the future to manufacture intelligently ...

- Move the current production model to an eco-design model that promotes the quality, robustness and guarantees of equipment that would no longer become obsolete after one year.

- Put forward the reuse channels for aging equipment, then secondly recycle it

- The use of recyclable or recycled working materials (cardboard packaging, plastic, green energy, selective sorting ...) to reduce electronic waste

- The production of spare parts for repair in order to reduce waste and pollution

- 3D printing of parts on demand to reduce storage areas

Green Asus: environmentally friendly IT

Green Asus

For many years Asus has stood out from these competitors by always producing more environmentally friendly products with the development of its Green Asus project based on 5 essential points:

Environmentally friendly design, manufacturing, delivery, services and marketing. What earned him to be already cited as an example in 2017 by the prestigious association

IT production (hardware) must move positively towards an economy with a small footprint on the environment by implementing joint and circular actions. We are confident that this good practice can lead to real positive development for the company, its employees, its customers and its future.

Stop wasting
This shift can take several aspects, one of the paths that we have been promoting for 10 years now is the management of the end of life of this computer equipment and the replacement of certain spare parts ...

In 2020, France Accessoires chooses eco-responsability

At France Accessoires we believe in this shift which is imperative.

We will put all our energy into the continuity of the respect of our commitments with our teams, our customers and especially our planet. We will also continue to reflect and innovate transparently in this direction.

Being an eco-responsible company, saying it is good, being it is better!

We therefore take note of this change and will put all the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the company while seeking to reduce our environmental impact to the maximum.

Our eco-attitude will be manifested in daily attention to limit our ecological impact. The company and all its employees will participate in the development of positive ideas in order to work on a daily basis while preserving the environment and reducing waste, be it energy or material.

For this new year, we will therefore take on new work habits but also civic habits, for this we will rely on new work concepts such as recycling our packaging, better management of our IT equipment and our stock, the use of recyclable or recycled material, the use of cleaner and more sustainable energy ...

Being eco-responsible means being a change within the company in order to limit the environmental impact of our activities. Eco-responsibility aims to better manage the resources used for the proper functioning of the business.

It is therefore by taking all these new habits (and attitudes) that our company will quickly become eco-responsible with the desire to reduce our environmental impact for our generation and those to come.