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Beware of fire hazard ... Choose an original Asus charger!

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News added at : September 30, 2020 at 3:05 PM
Beware of fire hazard ... Choose an original Asus charger!
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Smartphone chargers have made a significant contribution to our daily lives, and it is not uncommon for us to have more than half a dozen per household. These small devices that provide us with such an indispensable service are unfortunately not devoid of dangers and sometimes can lead to devastating domestic accidents.

A recent study by the Que Choisir consumer association shed light on the risks associated with these different adapters.

Of the 20 chargers tested, more than half turned out to be dangerous, 8 of which were so extremely dangerous that they really should not be used. Even more alarming is the fact that only 4 chargers (out of 20) tested met safety standards. We also surmised that the price of the charger is not indicative or a guarantee of its quality, this study shows that a 5 Euro charger can be very well rated for safety and a 14 Euro charger can be very hazardous.

There are hundreds of brands and models of chargers with prices ranging from 1 to 40 euros. Obviously, not all are these are built to equivalent standards. No less than 50% of them can present risks of electric shock or worse cause a fire.

What standards should you look for in a charger?

First the “Made in China” label is not an indication of a low-end or unsafe product, because all of these chargers are in fact made in China. This means that you have to be vigilant and make sure to purchase a charger that adheres to the safety standards for distribution in European market. This must be clearly indicated on the charger.

Asus ZenFone charger

What are the risks ?

- Electric shock
Electric shock occurs most of the time when the charger has poor insulation.
This substandard insulation often results from the zone between high (220V) and low (5V) voltage measures less than one millimeter (the CE standard demands that manufacturers extend this zone to 4 millimeters). In a humid environment the weak insulation allows a spark or arc to be produces when the charger is plugged in leading to electrocution.

- The fire hazard
The fire hazard is caused in most cases by a short circuit. The poor quality components and plastics (too thin) used to manufacture these chargers is usually the cause of these short circuits.
The first warning signs are overheating, a burnt smell and/or a crackling sound coming from the charger, …these are serious warning signs.

A report by the VVV based on data collected in 2016 from insurance professionals in the Netherlands shows that 47 people died in the country and 75,000 others suffered burns from slight to severe.

Safety rules to observe

- Avoid recharging your smartphone at night.
- Avoid recharging your smartphone in your bed, under your pillow or on a carpet.
- Disconnect your charger from the outlet whenever you are not using it.
- Always use an original charger from the brand of your smartphone, it is built to the right standards, it supplies the correct current (voltage, intensity) and it is safe if it is used in the right conditions.
- Get rid of No name chargers or counterfeits.

With years of experience manufacturing and distributing laptop chargers, Asus is committed to scrupulously respecting all safety standards for its ZenFone chargers. The Chinese factories with which the brand works are audited and inspected many times a year and meet the strict specifications demanded by Asus engineers.

If you are the proud owner of a ZenFone, demand quality in complete security!

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