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ASUS uses liquid metal in their Gaming PCs

Asus is always looking for innovations to optimize and boost the performance of its computers. The latest but not least of these innovations is the use of liquid metal in ROG gaming PCs instead of thermal paste to cool their processors.

What does this change in a laptop? What are the benefits of liquid metal in Asus ROG gaming PCs? In this article, we will try to enlighten you!

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Improved PC cooling with liquid metal

Asus is continuing its technological innovations in terms of reducing the heat diffused onto the fragile components of gaming laptops.

Métal liquide

One solution is the replacement of ordinary thermal paste with liquid metal, in an attempt to cope with the enormous amount of heat released on these components by 10th generation Intel processors.

Thermal paste is an essential part of a laptop's cooling chain. If Asus uses the best thermal paste on the market, using liquid metal has many advantages: it can cool the chips and components without damaging them, enough to boost the performance of your computer no matter how you use you’re your laptop (telework, video games, etc.).

In addition to the gains in heat conductivity measured in degrees, this process also improves the fan noise, because what says less heat to dissipate says less work for the fans. Cooling is all the more efficient.

Finally, liquid metal is ideal in maintaining the thickness of the current case.

Liquid metal equals more efficient cooling and therefore improves the longevity of your Asus laptop.

PC Performance: Asus and Conductonaut technology

Asus is therefore partnering with Thermal-Grizzly to use its Conductonaut technology in its next generation of gaming laptops.

thermal grizzly

The Conductonaut technology is based on a mixture of tin, indium and gallium for a very high thermal conductivity rate in the order of 73 W / mK, which is significantly higher than what you will generally find with other thermal pastes.

Asus engineers say they can gain between 10 and 20 ° of component cooling, they will be able to withstand temperatures of up to 140 °.

For the application of the liquid metal, Asus engineers developed a product application process via a machine developed internally by their R&D team, which you can discover in the video above.
News added at : April 24, 2020 at 4:31 PM
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