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Asus Partnerships: In search of synergies!

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Asus Partnerships: In search of synergies!
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After the recent announcement of a partnership with Ikea, Asus is always looking for new challenges to diversify but also to share innovative experiences. The Taiwanese brand is joining forces this time with different players for new projects as varied in form as they are strategic.

A streetwear brand in collaboration with Asus

Asus is teaming up for an unprecedented collaboration with the Parisian street brand Tealer "Tealer x Asus". This surprising mix of genres between a street brand and the Taiwanese tech giant was surprising at first glance, the design of the 5 pieces (jacket, hoodies, t-shirt, pants, cap) in limited edition offers a very futuristic look. and colorful like a Marty McFly back to the future.

Asus et tealer

The textiles range from sober with basic black to very flashy with an iridescent textile that changes color depending on the brightness. The cuts are innovative, the pants become shorts and the jackets are reversible.
For the creation of the visuals, you can imagine, they were obviously designed on Asus laptops.

A strategic merger with Qualcomm for the launch of powerful gaming smartphones!

Another partnership will be a sensation in the coming months, Asus had already partnered with the juggernaut of smartphone chips Qualcomm (partnership with Snapdragon chips for the releases of ROG Phone, ZenFone 5, 6 and 7), henceforth It is the turn of the San Diego giant to call on Asus for the design of Qualcomm-stamped gaming smartphones.
The info comes from the Taiwanese site very well informed on new digital technologies, the aptly named Digitimes.

Asus + Qualcomm

The official announcement is expected during December during the annual high mass of the "Qualcomm Tech Summit" where we also impatiently await the presentation of the new Snapdragon 875 chip which could be the most powerful and the smallest on the market. A very good time therefore for such an announcement ...

In addition to bringing together two giants of the electronics sector, this partnership would allow Asus and Qualcomm to place huge bulk orders of components from their subcontractors, which would inexorably reduce purchasing costs, reductions which could be passed on to the price. final. Still according to Digitimes, the two partners plan to manufacture 500,000 devices each ...

Asus + Qualcomm

A partnership in competition therefore, but this association is above all a true sharing of knowledge, innovations and avant-garde technologies. Even if the stakes of the two brands can be quite different, Asus perpetuates and poses a real privileged option for the preview use of the next Snapdragon chips in its future smartphones.

As for Qualcomm, they will benefit from a real technological showcase for their future chips by taking advantage of Asus' experience in gaming telephony ...

We are moving more towards a "win-win" alliance that will benefit everyone, manufacturers and users.

We are therefore impatiently awaiting future partnerships ...