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Asus marks the occasion with Gundam!

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Asus marks the occasion with Gundam!
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When the Taiwanese tech giant met with the Japanese toy giant gave way to devices and accessories for PC theme based on the most famous robot, the famous Gundam.

Asus and Bandai had already collaborated in the summer by dressing up the two Wi-Fi routers RT-AX82U and RT-AX86U, to the colors of Gundam RX-78-2 for the first, and the latter had the colors of Gundam’s sworn enemy MS-06S Zaku II.

Asus, Bandai, Gundam

The external aesthetics are all that was changed on RT-AX82U and RT-AX86U to resemble the Japanese Gundam. These two routers mind you are doted with the new technology of wireless ultra-quick WiFi 6 (802.11ax), the LAN RT-AX82U network takes on 2.5 Gbps with a maximum band width of 5700 mbps.

The RT-AX86U handles the customized RGB LED that happens to be compatible with Asus’s Aura Sync.

Other devices tapped into the Gundam look are Maximus XII Extreme on Chipset Intel Z490 for the enthusiasts of performance and water-cooling.

Asus Maximus XII Extreme Gundam

In continuation of this collaboration, Asus has announced the materials to follow-up in this genre will be graphics card, power supplies, AIO liquid coolers, monitors, PC housings, helmet stands, helmets, keyboard, mouse, and gaming pad, all the gear to draw up interest in any respectable gamer.

Asus x Bandai

For the moment, no other supplementary information is available on the eventual release date for Europe as currently only China has these Wi-Fi routers on sale for $257 and $396 respectively.