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Which mouse is best for your PC needs

The best ASUS and ROG mice for your PC

While technology has allowed us to do without computer mice thanks to trackpads and touchscreens (and sometimes both in the form of a Screenpad on some Asus PCs), everyone agrees that the mouse is still an essential accessory to take full advantage of a computer with the best ergonomics. However, let's dive deeper as not all mice are created equal and do not offer the same user experience. In this article we will see the best Asus and ROG mice according to the needs and different profiles of PC users.

News added at : October 14, 2021
Which model of the Asus Zenfone range is made for you : Zenfone 7, 8, Flip ?

Asus smartphones : Which Zenfone to choose ?

Inaugurated with the launch of the very first Zenfone in 2014, the Asus smartphone range continues to expand each year with new, innovative and stylish models whose performance stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest in the industry. If you are wondering how to choose your Asus smartphone among the current models, find in our article everything you need to know to find the best Asus smartphone for you.

News added at : July 30, 2021
Best ROG accessories : keyboard, headset, mouse, mat, backpack

Guide of the best ROG accessories

Since its creation in 2006, Republic Of Gamers has become the number one brand in terms of gaming equipment and continues to surpass itself, offering players the best possible experience during every gaming session. Through design, ergonomics and technological innovation, ROG offers the best gaming accessories for PC.

News added at : July 07, 2021
replace your desktop motherboard

Tutorial to replace the motherboard of your desktop

Has your motherboard given up after years of dedicated service, or have you just decided to level up your equipment with a more powerful board and components? It may seem like a daunting task, but replacing a computer motherboard is not overwhelming, just follow our step-by-step guide and see for yourself. A simple magnetic Phillips screwdriver is enough!

News added at : April 01, 2021
Repair kit and tools for the repairability index law

Repairability index law: the repairer's new tools

Effective since January 1, 2021, the law on the repairability index is one of the government decisions intended to ensure a more circular and green economy for the future of our country. In a similar approach, Accessoires-Asus has developed, in collaboration with repairers, a repair tool kit in accordance with this law. Whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or computer ... We can delay the obsolescence of electronic products by repairing them.

News added at : March 18, 2021
New Asus Product Line

New Asus Product Line

Asus offers you a wide range of components to adapt your desktops for both professional and gaming use. Today we discuss the latest and greatest tech that Asus ROG has to offer. 

News added at : Febuary 23, 2021
ZenBeam Latte L1: Take your screen wherever you go

ZenBeam Latte L1: Take your screen wherever you go

This year, more and more people made the most of their time indoors and set their eyes on ever expanding screens to accomplish everything from work, to play, to education. Asus took on this challenge with the new ZenBeam Latte L1. This portable projector, about the size of a coffee cup, produces an unbelievable 120 inch display on any flat surface.

News added at : January 22, 2021
How to choose the right screen

How to choose the right screen

You've finally decided on the computer you need! The only critical choice remaining to complete your setup and ensure that it meets your needs and quality standards is the screen.

News added at : January 11, 2021
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