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How are Asus and the repairability index connected?

As of January 1, 2021, a new small icon will appear next to certain electronic devices: the repairability index.

Intended to extend the lifespan of our gadgets and to fight against the waste of electrical and electronic products, it has become mandatory for manufacturers and distributors to display this new label on devices.

News added at : October 22, 2021
Which mouse is best for your PC needs

The best ASUS and ROG mice for your PC

While technology has allowed us to do without computer mice thanks to trackpads and touchscreens (and sometimes both in the form of a Screenpad on some Asus PCs), everyone agrees that the mouse is still an essential accessory to take full advantage of a computer with the best ergonomics. However, let's dive deeper as not all mice are created equal and do not offer the same user experience. In this article we will see the best Asus and ROG mice according to the needs and different profiles of PC users.

News added at : October 14, 2021
Repair your VivoBook S14 S430-S433-S435

Repair your VivoBook S14 S430-S433-S435

You are the proud owner of an Asus laptop, specifically, the VivoBook S14 S430-S433-S435. You're completely satisfied with it, but unfortunately it hasn't been working perfectly; perhaps some spare parts or components are damaged. Thankfully, Accessoires Asus offers you a multitude of videos on the YouTube channel, Accessoires Asus TV, to easily fix your Asus laptop!

News added at : October 08, 2021


ASUS ROG in collaboration with IKEA have teamed up to bring you a collection of gaming furniture and accessories. After more than a year of waiting, discover around thirty ASUS ROG articles dedicated to gamers in your Swedish furniture stores Ikea, starting in October. Accessoires Asus invites you to learn more about this fabulous collaboration.

News added at : September 28, 2021
French days 2021 at Accessoires Asus

French days 2021 at Accessoires Asus

Let's go!

For French Days 2021 at Accessoires Asus, find incredible promotions on Asus ROG smartphones, starting from September 24, 2021. For four days, Accessoires Asus is mobilizing to offer you the best deals.

News added at : September 23, 2021
Does a desktop still have a use ?

Are desktop PCs obsolete?

Although its format has changed over time to be less bulky on a desk and even become an aesthetic decoration, the use of a desktop is becoming rare in homes. And for good reason: with the formats of portable PCs being ever smaller and easier to transport, as well as smartphones which are replacing a large part of our computing habits, it is difficult to justify the purchase of a desktop computer that will not move from the office. However, many activities still require a desktop to be performed completely. Let's take a look at why desktops aren't ready to leave our homes just yet.

News added at : September 17, 2021
New Asus Dial technology

New Asus Dial technology

During the presentation of its new products at Create the Uncreated, Asus unveiled a new line of laptops: ProArt, StudioBook and a ProArt mouse MD300 specially designed for creators. This new range of Asus laptops as well as the MD3006 mouse are equipped with the Asus Dial, Accessoires Asus offers you through this article to learn a little more about this new Asus Dial device.

News added at : September 09, 2021
Asus R702 laptop

Repair your Asus R702 laptop

You are the proud owner of an Asus R702 laptop, you are very satisfied with its equipment and performance. In this guide we will discuss how to maintain and repair it. 

News added at : September 07, 2021
5 free and essential software for your pc

5 free and essential software for your PC

Often when we open our computer for the first time, we begin by installing our favorite browser and some software. We are otherwise content with the preinstalled applications, cabable of satisfying our potential future needs. Nevertheless, in this guide, we will discuss the best free software for PC, the usefulness of which is established and which very often are neck and neck with paid software!

News added at : August 27, 2021
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