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Discover the new collection of ROG gamer equipment in collaboration with Studio KharaRepublic Of Gamers launches new accessories with the Evangelion project. Accessoires Asus unveils this magnificent collection that will certainly make you fall in love with its superb colors and new cutting-edge technologies.

News added at : May 20, 2022
 PC accessories recycling

Can we recycle our PC accessories? mouse, keyboard, monitor...

Did you know that it is possible to give a second life to your broken computer accessories (keyboards, mice, connectors, screens, towers)? Faced with a planned obsolescence of our electrical and electronic devices, Asus was the first manufacturer to offer its users all the spare parts and accessories so that you can repair your equipment at a lower cost and avoid buying a new device.

You don't know what to do with your defective computer accessories? After many years of good and loyal service, the mousekeyboard, screen or connectors of your laptop PC no longer work? Would you like to find a eco-friendly solution so as not to throw away your equipment and thus increase pollution and energy consumption?

Accessoires Asus explains to you this week the possibilities available to you to recycle your old, broken or obsolete peripherals while preserving the environment.

News added at : May 13, 2022
"Boundless: for those who dare" ROG

Asus ROG Gaming Event

During an exceptional virtual launch entitled "For those who dare: Boundless" Asus ROG will unveil on May 17, 2022, at 5 p.m. Paris, a range of new generation gamer products, particularly in the field of laptops. Accessoires Asus invites you to learn a little more about this not-to-be-missed event!

News added at : May 06, 2022
Why choose an official Asus distributor

Asus spare parts: Why choose an official distributor?

You have purchased an Asus computer product: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and you are completely satisfied with it. With time and intensive use of your equipment, you need to replace some spare parts that have broken or damaged on your Asus devices. So should you choose official spare parts or spare parts not approved by the manufacturer?

Accessoires Asus informs you this week about the importance of choosing spare parts for your Asus high-tech devices from an official distributor.

News added at : April 29, 2022
Repair your Asus ROG G502 laptop

Repair your Asus ROG G502 laptop

You bought an Asus ROG G502 laptop a few years ago and everything was perfect, but unfortunately over the years, after excessive use or improper transport, some spare parts of your PC became broken or lost?

News added at : April 22, 2022
Is it possible to mine cryptocurrency with my PC?

Is it possible to mine cryptocurrency with my PC?

Are you getting more and more interested in cryptocurrency, and want to learn more so you can finally get into the mining adventure?
Accessoires Asus offers you to learn a little more about the mining of virtual currency like bitcoin and Ethereum this week.

News added at : April 08, 2022
What are the best gaming PCs for 2022?

What are the best gaming PCs for 2022?

This week, Accessoires Asus invites you to discover the best gaming laptops of 2022. It is important when choosing the right Gamer PC to pay particular attention to its components: the graphics card, the processor and its cooling system which play a determining role for the performance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer Asus is particularly well represented with its ROG computer range which is very often rewarded and acclaimed for the quality of its components.

News added at : April 01, 2022
How to choose your gaming headset

How to choose your gaming headset

Are you a beginner or an experienced gamer? You have all the necessary equipment for your gaming sessions, the keyboard, the mouse and the controller. All you need is a gaming headset?
Or, perhaps you already have your gaming headset but you want to change it?
To help you choose the best ROG or TUF gamer headset for your needs, Accessoires Asus explains in this article the different important points to find the perfect gaming headset!

News added at : March 25, 2022
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