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Asus laptop touch screen glass

Asus laptop touch screen glass

You have purchased an Asus laptop with a touch screen, ideal for its ease of use and intuitive handling; with the possibility of using it as a computer or as a tablet.
But now, for some time, your touch screen no longer responds as reactively as in the past, despite your various attempts to get it back on track: you have restarted your computer, checked for updates and programming, cleaned it .. but the verdict is final: it must be replaced.
The panel of your Asus laptop has probably been damaged by a fall or a shock, the glass is broken or cracked; your screen seems stuck, it jumps and detects contact elsewhere than your touch or even has dead pixels preventing you from proper use and full readability of your screen.

Accessoires Asus offers touch screens for all models and series of Asus laptops (Vivobook, Asus ROG, Netbook, Chromebook, Zenbook). This section is categorized by model and by series in order to offer you the touch screen directly corresponding to your computer to ensure the complementarity between your equipment and the spare part ordered.

Warning: for most models, the screen bezel is not supplied with the touch screen of your pc, you can get it on this page. However, if you want to change the entire screen module, that is to say the glass, the panel and the bezel together, find our various modules here.

Regarding the touch screen, it is perfectly possible for you to change it yourself if you want to avoid calling in a professional and therefore save money. Here is the procedure we recommend:
- Take a suitable tool kit or a small sharp knife (you do not want to scratch the screen plastics, if you do not have a suitable screwdriver, we recommend this disassembly kit to perform your repairs yourself and with confidence)
- First remove the screen bezel (screen frame), which is usually simply clipped or screwed, by removing the screws and then gently prying between the frame and the screen
- Then identify the screen screws to remove them
- Before removing the glass completely, be careful, the screen is probably still connected to the computer via various cables that must be disconnected
- You just have to place the new screen, reconnect the cables and tighten the screws

Order now and at the best price the new touch screen that you plan to install on your computer! If you have a questions or doubts regarding the part or its assembly, contact our after-sales service team who are at your service.

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