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Asus laptop top case

Asus laptop top case

The top case is the plastic piece that surrounds your Asus Notebook keyboard. Using it and resting your arms on it can damage it and it needs to be replaced. Find here the top case you need for your Asus laptop.
Your Asus notebook has become a must-have everyday ally, both for your business tasks, for your personal office needs or for the family's fun and games. The latter follows you in your movements but over time we often pay less attention to our equipment. Unfortunately this lack of caution and inattention have damaged the top case of your computer and you now need to repair the case of your laptop.
The plastic of your keyboard protection is broken, damaged, cracked or has some play? You split the case after a shock or accidental fall? Repeated openings or closures damaged the keyboard's upper chassis? The breakage of the hinges damaged the top case? Have you broken or lost several keys on your keyboard? You do not even dare close and open your pc, which greatly spoils the nomadic use you made of it?

Regardless of the failure, changing the full keyboard plastics will be less complicated and much faster than changing only the failing key (riveted keyboard) while ensuring full and effective protection.

Accessoires Asus offers in this section the plastic top cases that surround the keyboard of your laptop so you can find ergonomics and comfort of typing and use.
By using it or resting your arms on it, it can deteriorate and may need to be replaced; if it's your case you're in the right place.
Here you will find all the keyboard protections for all Asus laptop models (Chromebook, Vivobook, Ultrabook, ROG, Zenbook) adapted to various ports and connectors depending on the model.
Whether you want a top case with a plastic white, gray, brown, black or red, sold alone, accompanied by the keyboard or equipped with the fingerprint reader: there will necessarily be one corresponding to the design of your equipment.
Also available for sale are PALM case tops (wrist rest) to relieve your wrists and increase your time of use without any muscle fatigue.

No need to worry about changing the top chassis of the keyboard, this repair can be done by yourself, simply and easily, without the need to hire a professional for the workforce.
As a precaution, and before handling or changing parts on your Asus computer, remember to turn off your notebook, unplug it from any power source, and remove the battery before you start.
- Have a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat screwdriver
- Close your pc and put it face on the table
- Using the Phillips screwdriver remove all the screws on the bottom (bottom) of your pc
- Turn your computer around and get the flat screwdriver
- Drag it into the gap between the keyboard and the bottom of the computer starting from the top of the top box, disassemble them gently by going around
- Then gently lift the faulty top box: it is connected to the rest of the computer by tablecloths that must be disconnected
- These tablecloths are held by white connectors, unclip them so that the FFC's follow the top box at the time of its withdrawal
- Replace your keyboard case with the new one, reconnect the pads and reassemble the computer by following the steps in reverse

To facilitate your selection, this category has been classified by computer models to offer you spare parts fully compatible with your system.
In addition, to help you during your repairs we offer for sale an Asus dismantling kit, compatible with all your Asus devices to accompany you with adequate professional tools.

Browse our site and also discover bezels, bottom cases, hinges or covers to refurbish the physical aspect of your equipment.
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