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Asus 12-inch Screen Module for laptop

Display technologies, miniature components, complete disassembly, knowledge of connections, locations of each spare part, etc. are all stressful issues that very often dissuade any laptop user from performing repairs themselves.
The biggest fear is often that the PC works less well after the repair or even less at all due to a manipluation error.
But how to proceed when it is the complete screen that no longer works and then deprives us of all the capabilities of our laptop?
To provide a solution to every breakdown of your Asus PC, even at the most delicate like the screen module, Accessoires Asus and their team have found the ideal solution for you.
You will find in our shop, spare parts, plastics, tools or accessories needed to repair your computer, being assured of ordering new official parts, 100% Asus original.
This section includes the 12-inch Asus display modules to restore the quality of your equipment; and it is you who will perform this repair simply by following the handling instructions proposed by our experts.

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R Serie
T Serie
T Serie
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U Serie
Z Serie
Z Serie
R305 -> /images/articles/56150/mini/358747954678.jpeg
T300 -> /images/articles/55610/mini/906589599480.jpg
T302 -> /images/articles/59642/mini/505236926138.jpg
T303 -> /images/articles/60111/mini/584523901405.jpg
T304 -> /images/articles/61012/mini/563532403181.jpg
T305 -> /images/articles/60250/mini/466046266035.jpg
UX390 -> /images/articles/60255/mini/471178750027.jpg
ZENBOOK -> /images/articles/68430/mini/290134862138.jpg
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