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Other Asus foreign Keyboard

Other Asus foreign Keyboard

Are you moving and want to customize the AZERTY keyboard of your Asus laptop to be able to immerse yourself more quickly?

Indeed, each country has its standards of languages and punctuation adapted on their computer, there are different AZERTY keyboards, different QWERTY keyboards and many others depending on the country where you leave. Accessoires Asus has grouped all the foreign keyboards in this page to facilitate your search and respond quickly to your needs…

In this section you will find Portuguese keyboards, Belgian keyboards, German keyboards, Turkish keyboards, Russian keyboards, Swiss keyboards, Italian keyboards, Greek keyboards, and many others available to order. Among this wide range are also included foreign keyboards ROG (special gaming), but also keyboards with many colours to offer you the most complete choice possible (black, grey, white, brown …).

You will find these new Asus keyboards for the Asus laptops K50, X555, X550 and many more!
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