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Asus laptop inverter

Asus laptop inverter

The inverter module controls your Asus Notebook's screen backlight. If your LCD panel's Backlight is not working, it is possible that one of those components is damaged. Find the one you need on our online shop.
Among the many assets of your Asus notebook, one of your favourites, and not least, is its essential audiovisual quality and always improved on each new model for incredible graphics rendering and immersive experience more real than ever. You also get the most out of these visuals thanks to its high quality screen and its high-end resolution for unparalleled viewing. Whether you have this Asus laptop for play, for work, for family use, or for all your personal office and accounting tasks, using this screen has always been a pure pleasure. Unfortunately, you can not use any of its features since you have a dark screen problem on your laptop.
Your computer gives the impression that the brightness is blocked to a minimum? The screen is black as if the pc was off even when it is turned on? You thought the screen damn, but illuminated with an outside light you see the office intact? The brightness turns randomly until not working at all? It is then time to change the Inverter of the Asus portable PC!

Reminder: The Inverter module is a voltage converter that is used in flat screens and LCD screens, it controls the power of the backlight of the PC screen and therefore its brightness. Indeed, it provides power to the backlight lamp to create the necessary light to make your computer screen bright and visible. So, if your slab is badly backlit, and the brightness reduces to make the black image, then it is probably this component which is in question.

Accessoires Asus, specialized in the sale of accessories and Asus spare parts to offer you durability and safety of your equipment, offers for sale in this section the backlight modules of the Asus LCD panel, also called Inverter; all under warranty and 100% original.
A wide choice of Asus Inverters are offered, classified by computer model (VivoBook, Asus ROG, Netbook, Chromebook, etc.) to facilitate your order and ensure correspondence between the chosen part and your Asus pc model.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our brightness modules ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment. You will be able to forget the dark screen of the pc and find all its brightness and its beautiful image quality.

You will be able to perform this repair easily, without the need to call a professional! Remember to turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source before starting to repair your Inverter Brightness Module. Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Position yourself in front of your open laptop
- Remove the screen outline (bezel) that is either nested or screwed
- If it is nested, slide the flat screwdriver into the gap between the bezel and the back cover of the screen and make the rounds delicately
- If it is screwed, remove the screw caps present at the four corners then remove the screws, likewise gently leverage with the flat screwdriver to remove the screen outline
- You are then facing the screen slab, also fixed with small screws at its four corners
- Remove the screws one by one, making sure you have not forgotten them and open the panel gently towards the keyboard
- The Inverter is then in front of you: bar 1 cm wide by 15 to 20 cm long
It is connected to these two ends, unplug it and replace the new screen module in its place and repeat the steps reverse

Do you have specific questions or requests? Contact now our team of Asus professionals who are at your service to accompany you in all your repairs.
Browse our site and discover also our wide range of Asus accessories, but also all the spare parts for your laptops such as keyboards, webcams, SSDs, memory sticks or burners.
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