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Mother Board for the Asus laptop

Change the motherboard of your Asus laptop 

Is your Asus laptop having motherboard-related issues? Do the various ports on your computer seem to be inactive randomly and repeatedly? Does the computer turn on, but not really start, or freeze? This is most likely a problem with your Asus PC's motherboard, whether it is the port's control board, a wireless board or a board that affects the USB and jack connections of your device. Accessoires Asus offers you motherboards at unbeatable prices!
Discover the Asus ChromeBook motherboard, the Intel I7-7500U 16GB ZenBook motherboard and many other models for your Asus laptop.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer, without it, nothing works or functions properly. Depending on the model, it may contain essential peripherals; it may also manage audio ports, USB ports or network ports.
There are several possible cases of electrical malfunction on this card, often it becomes damaged by a power surge, or it may be that your motherboard is in good condition, but one or more ports are no longer working. Changing just one port can be a very tricky job because of the tiny soldering joints, so it is better to change the motherboard than to buy a new device.
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Order the motherboard for your Asus laptop here 

With Accessoires Asus you can easily replace the motherboard on your Asus PC! Are you unsure if the card is compatible with your device? Simply, use the meta-configurator on our homepage on the left, and once you have entered all the information about your equipment, only products that are 100% compatible will be displayed. No more mistakes thanks to this ingenious tool! 
All our products are brand new, certified Asus products, our parts ensure optimal and safe performance by meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. 

Please note that we often recommend our customers to do their own repairs (which are often more stressful than complicated to accomplish) in order to avoid paying a professional's labour, but changing a motherboard can be a complex and delicate step and requires experience and important technical knowledge. We therefore advise against doing it yourself. In this case, it would be better to call in an expert rather than risk damaging other parts of your laptop and causing irreversible damage or not being able to reassemble it properly once the replacement board is installed.
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