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Mother Board for the Asus laptop

Mother Board for the Asus laptop

Your Asus laptop has a motherboard problem? Do the different ports on your computer seem to be randomly and repeatedly inactive? The computer turns on but does not really start, or freezes? This is certainly a problem that you encounter with the motherboard of your Asus PC, whether it is a card controlling the various ports, one concerning the Wi-Fi connection or even affecting the various USB connections and jack of your Asus laptop.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer without it nothing is working or functioning properly. Depending on the model, it may contain essential peripherals; it can also manage audio ports, USB ports or even network ports.

Various cases are possible regarding the electrical malfunction of this card, but in general it has been damaged as a result of a power surge, or it is also possible that your card is in good condition but one or more ports no longer work. Changing just one port turns out to be a very tricky job due to the tiny solders, so it's much more worth changing the motherboard than buying a new laptop.

Thanks to Accessoires Asus you can change the motherboard of your Asus PC. Asus' parts are for sale, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufacturing, these parts ensure optimal and safe performance by meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Discover the different cards for the Asus laptop, compatible with the different existing models (A405, T100, X Series ...) in order to restore your equipment to all of its functionalities.

We very often recommend that our customers carry out their own repairs, which are often more stressful than complicated to accomplish in order to avoid paying professional labor. But changing a motherboard can be a complex and delicate step and requires good experience and significant technical knowledge, so we do not recommend doing it yourself. This time it will be better for you to bring in an expert rather than risk damaging the equipment. Other parts of your laptop can be irreversibly damaged if the laptop is reassembled incorrectly after the replacement card is installed.

You will be able to regain the optimal functioning of your Asus PC. If you have any questions regarding the different types of motherboards, our team of Asus specialists is there to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to repair your Asus computer.

Take a tour on our site, Accessoires Asus, and find all the accessories for Laptops, all the spare parts and Asus components to carry out your repairs or your system improvements such as cables, power connectors, bios batteries or even fans.

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