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Battery sticker for Asus PC

Battery sticker for Asus PC

The battery is a key part of your laptop, and it needs to be properly attached to your Asus Laptop PC.
Asus Accessoires offers you within this category to find the mounts for your battery to ensure an excellent connection of the latter to your Asus laptop.
We offer bindings that are 100% compatible with your Asus laptop PC which will be compatible with, for example, a Transformer Book T300 or a ZenBook UX301. These mounts fit perfectly with all battery capacities between 2600 mAh and 7800 mAh which have 2 to 9 cells.
There may be several reasons for the weakness of your Battery fixing systems. You may not have followed the temperature or humidity guidelines, which has caused deterioration and caused the various fixing stickers to lose all their adhesions. Several shocks, drops or multiple manipulations could also come into play and render the bindings unusable.

The battery of your Asus Laptop PC is then no longer held correctly in place within your ASUS Laptop and may therefore disconnect and fall. It is therefore important to change this element which certainly does not seem essential, but which is nevertheless essential for the good cohabitation of all the elements between them.

Asus Accessoires presents in this section all the fixings for your Asus laptop PC, compatible with the various existing models (Transformer Book T300, Zenbook UX301…) in order to obtain the fixings necessary to restore security and durability to your Asus laptop. In addition, all products presented on our site are new, 100% original and certified by Asus manufacturing to ensure quality of materials and product reliability. Need advice? Get in touch with our team of Asus specialists who will answer any questions you may have and guide you as good as you can according to your needs.

With a view to customer satisfaction, we provide delivery between 24 and 48 hours and all of our products are under warranty for 3 to 24 months.

Browse our site and find all the accessories and spare parts for Asus Laptop PC you need, such as keyboard, storage, cooler or connectors to carry out your repairs yourself with suitable tools and compatible with all Asus products.

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