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Battery 8000 to 8999 mAh

You may have bought a Chromebook (C100, C200) for its features, or you chose a Zenbook (N501, NX500) for its power and luxurious design; or you've purchased a Transformer Book (T101, T102) to combine your laptop and tablet, but you've chosen Asus to equip yourself.
With high quality products and worked to provide a unique experience, your laptop accompanies you everywhere and you are delighted! An essential common point links these different models: their powerful autonomy thanks to their Li-polymer battery of 8000 mAh, created to offer you mobility and freedom of movement at any moment. But what to do with this professional equipment when the battery no longer works?
? To be sure to buy the right battery, select the series of your Asus Notebook from the list below or use the search engine on the right side of the page.

Your battery loses its autonomy ? You can no longer use your pc nomadically, it needs to be plugged in all the time to work? In fact your battery has worn out over time due to overuse? You can not recharge it properly or even more at all?

Do not wait for other components or parts of the system to be damaged and change the battery as soon as you notice a charging problem.

Accessoires Asus, specialist in Asus accessories and spare parts , offers for sale in this section official Asus batteries, so that you can enjoy as much as possible of your equipment and its assets. You will be able to buy a new battery, with an amperage between 8000 mAh and 8999 mAh.

Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Asus batteries ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.

These include batteries for the Transformer Book (C12N1604), batteries for the Transformer Mini (C12N1607), batteries for the Zenbook (501-8200) or batteries for the Chromebook (C12N1432) to replace your defective battery with our large selection presented in the list below.

We ensure fast delivery between 24 and 48 hours, at home or at your workplace, to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs with our many carriers. In addition, our team of Asus specialists is at your disposal to advise you and provide you with the necessary details to finalize your order.

Take advantage of your navigation and discover all of our Asus accessories with more than 6000 references available.

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U Serie
C100 -> /images/articles/59285/mini/697138348995.jpg
G501 -> /images/articles/57675/mini/779257087889.jpg
N501 -> /images/articles/57673/mini/417836407450.jpg
NX500 -> /images/articles/54027/mini/980879394714.jpg
T101 -> /images/articles/53885/mini/610369355866.jpg
T102 -> /images/articles/60249/mini/542475987846.jpg
T103 -> /images/articles/62905/mini/460689642011.jpg
UX501 -> /images/articles/57739/mini/979570015211.jpg
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