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Battery 7000 to 7999 mAh

Battery 7000 to 7999 mAh

You have taken a long time to choose your laptop, first of all due to your requirement but especially to your daily commuting needs. You have chosen an Asus laptop with a powerful battery of 7000 mAh, which can then offer up to 2 days of battery life. You even use your pc to charge your devices like your camera or smartphone. This battery power was ideal for you and allowed you to travel without worrying about the remaining battery or having a close grip on hand. But after many services your battery begins to tire and its autonomy decreases visibly, then you look for a new 7000 mAh Asus battery.
To be sure to buy the right battery, select the series of your Asus Notebook from the list below or use the search engine on the right side of the page.

The mAh represent milliamp rates per hour, if one of your devices requires for example 600 mAh and you choose a 1200 mAh battery, then it will work for two hours; the increase of these milliamps has only an effect on the duration of your battery life depending on the consumption of the device.

Sure on this site Accessoires Asus you will find Asus batteries from 7000 mAh up to 7999 mAh to replace your defective one. You will be able to buy a new Asus battery and have it delivered to your home or workplace quickly.
This page includes the batteries for your Asus PRO laptops or your Transformer Book; new batteries for the Asus PRO PU55 or for the Transformer Book T100 among others.

When changing your battery, be sure to turn off your pc and unplug it from any power source before you start handling it. In general the battery is accessible simply and directly at the bottom of your equipment.

Do you need any advice or additional information to be sure of your choice? Our team of Asus professionals are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you as to the best product to choose according to your needs and your equipment.

You can also find all the official Asus batteries, including 2000 mAh batteries, 3000 mAh batteries, 4000 mAh batteries, 5000 mAh batteries, 6000 mAh batteries or 8000 mAh batteries.
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