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Battery 6000 to 6999 mAh

Battery 6000 to 6999 mAh

Your computer Asus has been with you for a few years and supports you in many activities: professional, office, internet browsing, games, multimedia, etc. Its audio-visual quality and its performances charmed you, but to your sense its first quality remains its incredible autonomy thanks to its 6000 mAh battery, which would be almost more resistant than you. You did not necessarily pay attention to instructions for use or precautions for use, convinced that you had the margin before it is tired. Unfortunately, this moment has arrived earlier than expected, and your battery has stopped working, or has too many malfunctions.
To be sure to buy the right battery, select the series of your Asus Notebook from the list below or use the search engine on the right side of the page.

To ensure even more lasting and durable batteries, Asus now equips its products with Li-on battery. Li-on batteries have many advantages, first their lifespan is greater with a very low self-discharge rate, and unlike lead batteries they are much less complex in terms of instructions for use and do not therefore require no complete cycles of charges and discharges to last, finally they are lighter and smaller.

A quick reminder, the mAh represent the bit rates milliamperes per hour, if one of your devices requires for example 600 mAh and you choose a 1200 mAh battery, then it will work for two hours; the increase of these milliamps has only an effect on the duration of your battery life depending on the consumption of the device.

Accessories Asus then offers in this section the Asus 4000 mAh up to 4999 mAh batteries to replace your defective one. You will be able to buy a new Asus battery to ensure all your trips, thanks to our original Asus parts and our guarantee.

Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Asus batteries ensure optimal and safe performance.

This page includes all the batteries for your Asus laptops and Transformers; such as new batteries for the Asus N750 or for the Transformer Book T300 among others.

When changing your battery, simply turn off your pc and unplug it from any power source before you start handling it. In general the battery is accessible simply and directly at the bottom of your equipment.

Do you have questions about the battery to choose for your equipment or need clarification for any other handling? Do not worry, our team of Asus specialists is at your disposal to accompany you during your navigation and help you order the right product based on your request and your pc.

Take a look at our website and find a wide range of official Asus batteries, including 2000 mAh batteries, 3000 mAh batteries, 4000 mAh batteries, 5000 mAh batteries, 7000 mAh batteries and 8000 mAh batteries.
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