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Battery 3000 to 3999 mAh

Battery 3000 to 3999 mAh

You are the owner of an Asus laptop, whether you are professional, gamer or particular. You have chosen it for its power, incredible audiovisual quality and ease of transport allowing you to travel light but still with your pc. But this pleasure was soon shortened since your battery no longer holds the charge. Having not been able to change your movements, you always walk with your charger to counter this tired battery, which clogs you up and requires you to always be looking for a power outlet, you are much less free of your movements.
It is then time to replace the Asus battery that no longer works, and replace it with a new battery.
To be sure to buy the right battery, select the series of your Asus Notebook from the list below or use the search engine on the right side of the page.

It is true that the original batteries will surely seem more expensive than any compatible battery, but buying suitable equipment ensures greater security in terms of both durability and efficiency due to more qualitative materials used.

A quick reminder, the mAh represent the bit rates milli milliperes per hour, if one of your devices required for example 600 mAh, and you choose a 1200 mAh battery, then it will work for two hours; the increase of these milli amps has only an effect on the duration of your battery life depending on the consumption of the device.

Accessoires Asus, recognized for the quality of these spare parts, offers in this section the Asus 3000 mAh batteries up to 3999 mAh to replace yours.
You will be able to buy a new Asus battery to ensure all your trips.
Our Asus batteries are Asus manufactured and certified.

This page includes batteries for your ZenBook or for your ROG computers; among others new batteries for the ROG N550, ZenBook UX305 or for the ROG Zephyrus GX501.

Follow the advice of the first charge cycle of your new battery: it must recharge at least 12 hours, computer off, before it's first used to ensure its durability! Also remember to read the advice of used to know the battery level below which reloading is important.

Do you have questions or would like confirmation of correspondence between the battery chosen and your computer? No worries, our team of Asus experts, aficionados and users of our products will bring you all the advice and guidance necessary to reassure you with your choice.

Take advantage of your navigation to find all the official Asus batteries, where you will find among others such as 2000 mAh batteries, 4000 mAh batteries, 5000 mAh batteries, 6000 mAh batteries, 7000 mAh batteries or 8000 mAh batteries.
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