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Asus 1 Year Premium Care Warranty Extension for Laptops

Asus 1 Year Premium Care Warranty Extension for Laptops

P/N : 90NR0000-RW0150
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A year of Premium Care for New
and Refurbished Asus Laptops

Asus premium care

Terms and Conditions of Warranty

-The types of products covered by the Asus Premium Care warranty extension are new or refurbished Asus laptops
- The duration of the warranty service is an extension of one year
- The warranty must be purchased and activated within 3 months from the date of purchase of your Asus laptop
- The warranty extension is valid for laptops have a 2 year warranty.

The advantages of the Asus Premium Care pack

The warranty includes:
- On-site pickup (retrieval) and return of your laptop

Repair or replacement of your product, parts and labor included
- Direct support from ASUS experts

Warranty coverage:
The ASUS warranty extension covers breakdowns and malfunctions that occur during the warranty period after normal use of the equipment, and also covers any material or manufacturing defect.

This extension will save you additional and unforeseen expenses once your warranty expires, and will allow your laptop to maintain the same performance level as it had when it was first purchased.

Asus Premium Care warrantly

Warranty exclusions

- Only covers the original components of the laptop (see details below).
- The extension pack is only valid in France
- This warranty applies to new and refurbished laptops except for the following models: Studiobook, GX800, G701, G703, GZ700, GT51

Become an ASUS Member

Go to the Asus member website at the following address: http://vip.asus.com and register to become an Asus Member.

If you are already registered as an ASUS Member, you can skip to step 2.

Register your product

Connect to the ASUS member site at http://vip.asus.com and click on the "My Support" then "Product Registration" in the left menu.
Please complete the form with the relevant details of your product. If you have already registered your product, you can go to step 3.

Activate your warranty extension

Click on "Activate warranty extension" in the left menu and follow the instructions below:

1. Select the registered product for which you purchased the warranty extension
2. On the online form, enter the contract code and password obtained from the back of your ASUS PREMIUM CARE card
3. Click "Submit" to complete the activation process

Your warranty extension is activated

Remember to stick your ASUS PREMIUM CARE label near the serial number located on the back of your ASUS laptop, then keep your VIP card in a safe place for future reference.

Do not stick the ASUS PREMIUM CARE label near a vent or on a screws.

ASUS Local Warranty Extension Service Policy:

1. Only one warranty extension pack can be applied for a laptop computer.
2. You must keep the proof of purchase of your Notebook laptop and your warranty extension for any subsequent service request.
3. The ASUS PREMIUM CARE local warranty extension (LWEP) applies only to the original hardware of the ASUS laptop, with the exception of software, battery, external devices, accessories and parts not installed by ASUS.
4. The local warranty for your ASUS laptop will automatically be extended for one year from the original warranty expiration date.

Details of warranty limitations:
The extended warranty covers only breakdowns or malfunctions occurring during the warranty period and under normal conditions of use, as well as any defect in material or workmanship.

The warranty will not apply if:
- The product has been falsified, repaired or modified by unauthorized personnel.
- The serial number of the laptop, components or accessories has been changed, altered, removed or deleted.
- The warranty seals have been broken, blurred or modified.
- There is damage caused by an external electrical event, accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or any use under abnormal conditions.
- Incorrect installation or connection to a device such as a printer, external optical drive and other similar devices which has damaged the system.
- Use of device outside of the operating, environmental or storage parameters described in the user manual of your ASUS laptop.
- You have used or added parts not manufactured or sold by ASUS which could have caused damage.
- There is loss of any user-installed program, data or removable storage media. Upon request to recover any damaged or lost program or data added costs may be charged.
- Third-party software or computer viruses have damaged installed software.
- Any loss of software or data that may occur following the repair or replacement of the product.

Package contents

Your Asus warranty extension pack (LWEP-NB-1YPUR) contains 3 Items:
1. User manual
2. Warranty card
3. Warranty label

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