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Asus EeePC touchpad

Your touchpad glide is not as good as it was before? Find a brand-new touchpad for your Asus EeePc with the spare parts specialist: Accessoires Asus.
The Asus EeePc has seduced you, its autonomy, its ease of use, its handling or ease of movement were all the reasons why you chose it. But what made you use so smooth and this Asus laptop, so ergonomic is above all its trackpad. Very wide, it offers you a fluid and pleasant glide with an exceptional precision. You then took him everywhere and used it for all kinds of activities: professional, personal, office or for leisure. Unfortunately, this varied and complete use was largely limited when you realized that your Asus touchpad was blocked.
After good and loyal service, your touchpad seems out of order, broken or slower than usual. It no longer exactly follows the movements requested? Your cursor responds randomly? Your right click has become a left click or a click wheel? The touchpad does more than lead, and you can not use your computer properly? It does not answer at all, and you had to go back to the mouse while waiting for a solution? The trackpad crashes in wheel mode without solution? Or your touchpad is no longer recognized by your EeePc?

These problems are often related to over-use or exposure to moisture; it's time to repair your trackpad!

Accessoires Asus takes the satisfaction of your needs to heart and offers you the sale of a new Eeepc touchpad, to replace your defective one. Whether your problem comes from the touchpad and you are looking for spare parts related to this failure (FFC's, cables, sticky plate, ...
), or that your failure concerns the touchpad board (right click / left click controller card) you will find in here all of the items concerning the EeePc touchpad.

Asus trackpad and touchpad cards are available for all the Asus laptops in the EeePc range (1025, 1015, 1001, 1215 ...) with more than 20 series of EeePc available.

Even if you are not a computer specialist, we recommend doing these repairs yourself, they may seem insurmountable but are largely feasible by a conscientious lover. Here is a method to help you:
- Have a Phillips screwdriver and a small flathead screwdriver
- Turn off your computer, unplug it from all power cables and position it as if you were going to use it
- Slide the flat screwdriver between the outline of the keyboard and the bottom of the body, these two elements must be delicately debed starting from the front of the keyboard, then on the sides to finish at the back
- An FFC (wide and flat thread) still connects the two dislocated parts, gently lift the white steering wheel located at its end and holding it attached
- Then leave the rest of the computer aside and place the keyboard back to you
- Gently peel off the FFC and tape around the touchpad
- Unscrew the screws of the trackpad then pry it out of the keyboard
- Position the new touch pad or the changed components, reconnect the FFC and the stickers and then repeat these steps in the opposite direction

Do you have questions about handling or a doubt about the defective part of your Asus touchpad? Before ordering, do not hesitate to contact our team of Asus experts who will advise you and guide you during your navigation to ensure the usefulness of the ordered part.

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