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Asus EeePC memory RAM

Find here the RAM memory for your Asus EeePc. From 4GB up to 8GB, make your choice according to your needs at the best price.
You bought a mini pc, the EeePc from Asus, as a home computer, due to its typical office features and its attractive price. This small, light and compact box shows the legacy of the Asus manufacturer who has used its usual innovation to create a machine ultra quiet and very ergonomic, with a much lower consumption than usually seen on desktops. Equipped with many ports it allowed you to associate many devices and arrange your workspace at your leisure. But you've lost the pleasure of using it since it is constantly loading your Asus pc.
Your computer has a lot of bugs? You can not stand this idle operation that delays you in your computer activities? Your computer has a memory of 2 GB and you would like to upgrade to 4 GB? Want to improve the RAM of your computer to increase the quality of play? Software launch or heavy document compression takes too much time and you lose patience? Would you like to increase the memory of your computer or replace the existing defective bar?

Your computer has never been a problem, but with the newer programs and software, it has become weaker and has a hard time performing as fast and efficiently as it was before. Victim of its intensive use or the regular execution of many programs at the same time, your pc is dragging; it has become slow and runs almost stopped when you want to run several programs simultaneously (games, emails, internet browsing ..
), not to mention HD media too heavy (Blu-Ray, Full HD) become impossible to read .

It turns out that the memory stick of your laptop, also called RAM, is quickly saturated in its RAM, your computer then uses the hard drive as a second memory but it is much slower and much less responsive this which causes bugs or endless loads as soon as you want to use software or games that are too innovative in terms of performance.

Accessoires Asus allows you to optimize your Asus EPC by offering for sale the new Asus memory modules, with warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, these parts ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
Different sizes of RAM are available, compatible with existing models (E202, X205, F205, E402, F402 ...) to give a boost to your equipment and increase its speed of loading and execution.
For sale are the 2GB memory cards, 4GB memory cards and 8GB memory cards all dedicated to your laptop to allow you to replace a defective bar or increase the already existing one, that you desire a low voltage or a rated voltage according to your needs.

Warning ! Check the type of RAM on your device before ordering.
If you have any doubts about the choice of RAM or any questions related to your Asus equipment, get closer to our team of Asus specialists who will provide you with precise information and advice for each of your breakdowns or your desired improvements.

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