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Your Asus EeePC is damaged and does not have the same clearness as it used to before? Order at the best price the LCD panel you need. Find here all available LCD panels, adapted for your Asus EeePC.
You have purchased an Asus EeePC laptop to meet your need for everyday use, whether for professional tasks or for purely personal and family use. Its fluidity of use and ease of handling seduced you, not to mention the audio-visual quality and ease of use that have made your laptop your best ally. Unfortunately, this beautiful collaboration was stopped when you encountered problems of clarity and readability with your computer screen.
Did you drop your laptop and the screen broke or cracked? You left an object on the keyboard by closing your computer and the slab is depressed? Your backlighting is doing its own thing? You see on the screen horizontal or vertical lines more or less present? Dead pixels or tasks appear gradually on your monitor? This one has become completely black, and you do not know what to do?
To make sure your display is the cause of the failure, perform a simple test: try using your computer by connecting it to an external display; if the problem is repeated on the other screen, it is your graphics card (also called "chip") that is involved, if no problem appears on the other screen, then there is no doubt: it is the known diagnosis of an off-service slab!

It is then time to change the monitor of your Asus EPC! Attention, it is important to quickly change a broken or cracked screen for the safety of the user but also the components of the computer due to small pieces of glass that can escape from your screen.

Thanks to Accessoires Asus you will be able to change your defective screen, because we sell Asus computer slabs, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, our slabs ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Many references are on sale on our site, you will find the EeePC screen tile corresponding to your model (1000, 1001, 1002, 1005, 1008, 101015, 1016, 1018, X101 ...), so that you can again enjoy full functionality of your equipment.

You can then acquire a new laptop slab, with various screen resolutions proposed to fit the model you own. No worries about the choice of this screen if you are not a computer geek: this category has been classified by EeePC model to make it easier for you and ensure correspondence between the product ordered and your equipment.

Warning ! Unlike other repairs or changes of spare parts, this screen repair is very delicate to make for any amateur person. Indeed, the change of slabs requires some computer knowledge in terms of disassembly, we advise you to have this repair done by a professional not to damage the various components of your laptop.

You're not sure where the trouble comes from your screen? Before ordering a product that may not be useful to you, first contact our team of Asus specialists who will be happy to guide you and advise you throughout the repair of your equipment. .

Browse our site and discover our wide range of official Asus accessories compatible with all the devices, many EeePC products and spare parts whether you need a top case, a battery, a hinge or even a charger.
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