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EeePC LCD cover

Impacts or scratches can damage or break your Asus EeePC LCD cover.
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The LCD Cover, also called the upper case, is the plastic located on the top of the laptop and serves as protection. It is an indispensable piece for the durability of your screen which can become damaged after intensive use, due to the many displacements in bad conditions and without adequate protection or after a fall or a violent shock of your apparatus. You may also want to change the look of your EPC with new colors to personalize your equipment. If you are on this page then, you are the owner of an Asus laptop from the EeePC range and you are looking for a new plastic cover to replace yours.

You have unfortunately damaged, broken, scratched, or cracked the top cover of your Eee PC some time ago and like many users, you said that this item was more aesthetic than functional and you thought you could continue to use your ultraportable in this way. Think again! The LCD Cover of your computer protects the screen, its module, and all its components against any shocks, drops, scratches, or cracks but especially against dust, bacteria, or moisture that are harmful to the proper functioning of the PC.

Accessories Asus offers you the opportunity to replace the top cover, offering you for sale LCD covers for the Asus EeePC, warranted and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, our covers ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Different references are available to be able to find the plastic screen corresponding to the model of your EeePC (X101, Seashell, R011, R051, R101, 1201, 1101, 1001 ...) so that you can transport and use your laptop again without any worry.
You will find top covers of various colors (black, blue, white, grey, red, pink, or purple) that you want to standardize your PC with the original color or on the contrary that you want to add some touches of color and originality!

Attention, we very often recommend our customers to make their repairs to avoid paying the labor of a professional. But changing the top case can be a complex and delicate step and requires good experience and important technical knowledge. We, therefore, do not recommend doing this yourself, it will be preferable this time to call an expert rather than risk damaging other parts of your laptop and cause irreversible damage or not be able to reassemble it properly once the replacement top case is installed.

For any questions or information needs, do not wait any longer and get in touch with our team of Asus professionals who have provided you with sound advice and guidance for all orders or repairs to your Asus equipment.

Browse our site and discover our EeePC accessories to perfect your equipment and make it more complete and efficient than ever, but also batteries, chargers, keyboards, or hinges to always have complete use of all the features offered by your Asus EPC laptop.
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