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EeePc LCD bezel

If your screen contour also called the LCD Bezel of your Asus EeePC is broken or damaged, you can replace it by finding the correct one available on our online shop.

You have become used to moving with your Asus laptop, your EeePC has become utility equipment. As with a smartphone that we would put mechanically in our purse or the bottom of our pocket as soon as we leave our habitat or our workplace. But like all habits, these gestures become automatic, and we no longer pay the same attention to them as in the beginning; it is the same for our attention during use that decreases over time and this is where the damage appears. If you are on this page, it is sure that you made this error of inattention and that you broke your screen bezel.

You dropped your laptop and the screen outline broke, cracked? The intensive use and the many closures/openings of the top cover have damaged the bezel? Your EPC has experienced many displacements and its screen plastic has worn out up to the point of showing a disturbing game?

Reminder: The Bezel, also called screen outline, is the plastic edge around the screen and serves as protection. It is an indispensable piece for the durability and the protection of your screen which can deteriorate, it protects then the slab of possible shocks, falls, scratches, or cracks but it also especially takes care of the corners of the screen which are enormously fragile. It also protects the small components of the slab and the screen against dust, bacteria, or moisture but also holds the screen attached to the keyboard and prevents any play between the bottom and the screen. Which is essential to the good behavior of the elements of the computer together.

Accessoires-Asus makes it easy for you to repair your broken Asus bezel by offering new Asus LCD bezels for the EeePC, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, our bezels ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
Numerous references are available to be able to find the plastic screen corresponding to the model of your EeePC (1015,1215, 1001, 1008, Seashell, Super10, R101, R052 ...) so that you can carry again and use your laptop without any worries.
You will find in this section the official plastic screen contour with various colors (white, black, colored) depending on the design of your laptop or your desire for change. This category is classified by a computer model to guarantee correspondence and satisfaction at every moment.

You will easily be able to change the bezel yourself taking care however; if your bezel is broken, be careful not to drop any bits into your computer's screen module, which could cause irreversible damage. To make this plastic screen change, take a flat screwdriver and turn off your computer by unplugging it from any power source. With the screwdriver pry between the bezel and the screen to dislodge it, replace it with your new screen outline, and rewrap them gently.

Whether you are a fan or a professional, our Asus team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with the information and advice you need to make your computer system repairs or upgrades work for you and your Asus equipment.

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