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EeePC keyboard

Among the numerous Asus accessories available in our online shop, you can order here a compatible keyboard for your Asus EeePC. They are especially suitable keyboards for the 1101, 700, R104, and R251 series.
The Asus EeePC has enchanted you and your nomadic soul, either by its interesting autonomy, by its comfortable use of the keyboard allowing you a regular and intensive use, by its weight and its ideal size to not clutter you too much in your travels or by its developed connectivity allowing you to connect many devices according to your needs. Your Asus EPC has become your ideal companion, whether for your work, for your needs in terms of office and administrative, or for recreational use (leisure, games ...). But your usual road companion delights you much less since the keys on the keyboard no longer work.

Keys no longer work? Do some keys no longer correspond to their initial functions? Did you lose or break a few keys during one of your trips? Your keyboard is a victim of wear and has malfunctions or failures random bit repetitive? Keys have been stuck or depressed? You accidentally spilled a liquid on it causing a short circuit of the entire keyboard? You have blocked the FN key on the keyboard and you no longer have access to the primary functions of each key? Your keyboard has overheated and no key lock lights are lit? Some keys stall and become complex to use?

While this may reassure you, "accidents" with keyboards are common and often the same. In most cases, your keyboard has suffered from wear and poor maintenance over time, which has given it some imperfections and some defects in its use; it's time to change your blocked Asus Keyboard!

With the help of Accessoires Asus, you will be able to repair your defective keyboard, we offer for sale new Asus keyboards for the EeePC, warranted and 100% original. Many references are available to find the computer keyboard corresponding to the model of your EeePC (1000, 1001, 1005, 1008, 1015, 1018, 1025 ...) so that you can play, work or surf the web again in the best conditions.

You will find a range of keyboards with a large choice of colors (white, blue, grey, brown, black, pink, red, purple) to fit both the design of your computer and your desires for originality. In order to meet the expectations of each Asus user, these keyboards are available in many languages (Luxembourgish, Swiss, Japanese, American, Belgian, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

You will be able to change the keyboard of your laptop. For this our team of Asus professionals offers a simple method to make yourself this change of part, whether you are professional or amateur it is simple manipulation. Before you start, please turn off your pc and unplug it from any power source. Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Close your computer and stand in front of the bottom of it, remove its battery by unclipping the two postures
- Place the flat screwdriver in the gap between the keyboard and its top case and go around it delicately to dislodge your keyboard
- Attention before removing it completely, it is connected to an FFC that will have to be disconnected by slightly levering on its white connector at its base
- Position the new keyboard and connect the ribbon to the connector before re-nesting it

Professional advice: To ensure the lifetime of your keyboard and its smooth operation over time, remember to adhere well to the advice of use and maintenance provided with its purchase as with the regular or deep cleaning following any "accident"; also find all our tips on the page dedicated to the Asus keyboards.

Take a stroll on our website and discover all the official EeePC accessories and Asus spare parts such as batteries, adapters, and touchpads.

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