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Asus Eeepc hinge

In this new high-tech generation, where innovation and practicality are needed for all IT equipment, Asus has created the EeePC, an ultraportable ready to go anywhere. Combining design, lightness, autonomy and great comfort of use this laptop has met your expectations with elegance, while allowing you to use it for long periods with a keyboard and connectivity adapted to regular use. Your computer follows you everywhere and keeps you connected at all times.
But you have even its fragility and all these pleasures have been stopped drastically since the hinge of the laptop has broken.

One of the hinges produces crunches, creaking at each opening? The hinges force making it difficult to open the top case? Your computer suffered a fall which deformed its framework? The many trips have created a lot of play between the keyboard and the screen making it difficult to close the computer? The broken or loose hinges do not work any more? You broke the hinges by closing the PC violently? You have waited too long to change these split or broken joints which has also damaged the bottom?
It is then time to repair the hinge of the laptop!

You can change the hinge, Accessoires Asus sells new Asus hinges, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, these parts ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. The EeePC right hinges and left hinges are available, compatible with existing models (1001, 1215, 1201, VX6 ...
) in order to restore the security and the solidity necessary to your computer to accompany you again in each of your travels.

Once your hinge is received, you can change it yourself. Our team offers you a simple method to accompany you during this manipulation. Remember to turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source before you start:
- Have a small Phillips screwdriver and a flat-tip screwdriver
- Shut down the computer and make sure to face the back of your laptop
- You will find then protections (cache hinge) on the hinges that will have to be removed.
- Slip the tip of the knife at the level of these protections to lift them gently so that they come off
- Unscrew completely the small screws fixing the screen, the slab and the hinges together
- Then gently remove the screen frame, then the slab
- All you have to do is change the hinges, rewind the different elements, then tighten the screws and re-pad the protections

Our team of Asus specialists is here to advise you and guide you best for your purchases and during your repairs; for any doubt or need of precision do not hesitate to contact them directly, they will know to bring you the precisions and the advice which you need.

Tip: Computer hinges are considered fragile; they allow the articulation between the opening and the closing because they are the main joint between the keyboard and the screen. It is therefore important not to open and close your screen at any end of the device, and not to move it by holding it only by the screen, under penalty of using and even breaking these hinges.

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