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Asus EeePC hinge cover

Your hinge covers are damaged or lost?
Find here all the hinge covers you need to replace your Asus EeePC hinge cover like for example the 1005 or 1215 series.

Your Asus laptop, the EeePC, follows you everywhere; you transport it in all your travels whether they are done by car or public transport, that you go for a weekend or for a long stay, you do not move anymore without him. You have the habit of using it daily, even just a few moments, to answer your emails, manage your bank accounts, do internet research or perform your office tasks. But surprise a few days ago, without even realizing it, one of the Asus hinge covers disappeared, impossible to find ...
You would like to replace the hinge cover? Your hinge covers are lost and you would like to get the original hinge cover?

You may have said it was not a big deal and much more a question of design than the utility. Think again! Continuing to use and carry a laptop without a hinged cover, is strongly discouraged; Although this spare part may seem superfluous, its absence is the open door to bacteria, dust, or moisture, which will be able to infiltrate your computer and cause significant and sometimes irreversible damage.

It's time to replace the Asus hinge cover of your EPC.

Accessoires-Asus gives you the opportunity to replace the hinge cover by offering you for sale hinge covers, warranted and 100% original. Certified by Asus manufactured, our hinges ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Many references are available to be able to find the EeePC laptop hinge cover corresponding to your model (1001, R011, R051, R251, 1215, 1225, 1101, seashell ...), so that you can use and carry your computer again and without worry.

Whether you are looking for white, black, red, or gray hinge covers, you will be able to restore your Eee Pc's flawless appearance and give it all the security it needs with its plastics industry.

Can we change the hinge covers even? Of course, it would be a shame to call a professional just for that! You just need to remove this cover by gently delimbing it with the tip of a sharp knife, then re-lining the new cover in the space provided for this purpose. Remember to make this change with the computer closed, and facing the back of the computer.

Do you think that the hinge of your laptop was affected during the fall? Contact our team of Asus specialists, who will study your case and help you to accurately determine the problems of your computer while guiding you and advising you on possible repairs and the procedure to follow them correctly; you will be able to perform hinge repairs easily and quickly.

Make the most of your navigation to discover all the Asus EPC spare parts, depending on the model of your equipment, which include proposed fans, screen tiles, power connectors, FFC or even bios batteries for example. And if these are the accessories that interest you, we also offer a wide range of official Asus accessories.
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