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EeePC FFC Cable

One of your Asus EeePC FFC cable is broken or damaged? Replace it by choosing the touchpad cable, IO board 20 or 40 Pin cable you need to repair your EeePC.
The FFC is a flattened cable, wide and generally grey in colour, containing a set of wires. It is a connecting element allowing the connection between the motherboard and the various elements and peripherals composing your computer. These FFC's are very fragile and may be out of order for many reasons, preventing you from using your Asus EeePc. Repair a screen FFC or any electronic FFC is almost impossible mission because of its great fragility and finesse, so it is much simpler and much cheaper to change it completely.

Over time and your many uses, some bugs or malfunctions have appeared due to the wear of one of the many FFC's present in your computer.
You dropped your computer and the FFC has a false contact? After a shock, an FFC has broken and you can not connect the FFC? You wanted to disassemble your computer to repair a defective item, to clean the dust or just for curiosity, and you accidentally damaged an FFC?

In order to overcome this problem, Accessoires Asus allows you to replace the Asus FFC, offering then for sale all new EeePC FFC's, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, our FFC's ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
Numerous references are available to be able to find the FFC of the laptop corresponding to your model (1001, 1005, 1015, Seashell, R052 ...) so that you can again benefit from the numerous functionalities and performances of your equipment.

You will find IO Board FFC's connecting the IO Board and the motherboard, with the choice of 20pins or 40pins connection cables. Also, available are Asus touchpad that restore the touchpad connectivity (right click and left click) as well as that of the touch panel of the touchpad to find its full functionality without the need of a mouse.
Finally we propose in this section FFC's, compatible with any kind of FFC's (FPC, FFC ...), with among others FFC connectors (shutters) and the various fastening systems dedicated to FFC's if they are prove that they are functional but simply poorly positioned due to the wear of their bindings or a possible fall, so you can block the FFC again on the motherboard.

Attention, concerning the repair of the FFC or its fastening and contrary to other changes of spare parts, according to the FFC concerned and its location in your laptop we strongly advise calling on a professional to carry out the repair of your connection pad in your place, due to the complexity of this repair which may require technical knowledge, micro-welding and experience.

You do not know which sheet is damaged and you need advice? Get in touch now with our team of Asus specialists who will help you detect the failure of your Asus laptop and give you advice and guidance to order the part.

You can also take advantage of your navigation to browse our wide range of Asus accessories compatible with all products of the brand. In addition, an entire family is dedicated to EeePC where you will find the official EeePC accessories, the various elements and components such as batteries, chargers, touchpads or power connectors.
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