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EeePC fan

Your Asus EeePC is composed of a mainboard and a fan that guarantees the good use of it. Find here the brand-new fan you need for your Asus EeePC.
You needed a laptop that had all the nomadic aspects and was easy to carry so you could take it anywhere with confidence. Its ideal ergonomics, its port covers to protect all of its connections and make it airtight, its beautiful autonomy, or its ultra quiet operation, have made the Asus EeePc the major asset for your regular mobility. You then chose to acquire the EeePc for its performance, its finishes and its ideal weight to work in any place. But you have lost the pleasure of its fluid and quiet use, since the fan of your Asus pc runs all the time, and it's very noisy.
Your computer overheats then turns off abruptly? The fan is very noisy and the PC very hot to the touch? The temperature of the outgoing air seems very high? The cooler works very hard and runs all the time at maximum for no apparent reason? You have cleaned all the dust and residue absorbed by your fan but nothing helps, the buzzing noise persists? This dull sound is now there continuously, from turning on to turning off the system? The computer approaches a high temperature almost immediately after it is turned on? Your fan does not work any more?

Small reminder: the proper functioning of the cooling system of a laptop is essential to ensure durability and proper operation of your equipment. The fan is indeed essential to evacuate the heat dissipated by the many components and spare parts of your pc (like the processor) during their operations. This ventilation system, combining fan and dissipater, allows the expulsion of hot air to prevent overheating and damage; For this purpose this system actively ventilates and cools the inside of your pc by introducing fresh outside air while releasing hot air outside as a conduit.

Accessoires Asus takes the durability of your product to heart, as does its reliability and enjoyment. You will find in this section new Asus fans that you will need to repair your clogged or worn out computer exhaust after overheating, all under warranty and 100% original.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our parts ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
Numerous references and models are available to be able to find the Asus fan corresponding to your EeePc model (1001, 1015, 1025 ...), and be able to quickly remedy this loss of power and prevent your pc from overheating.

The EeePc processor CPU fans, also known as coolers, are available on our website; be careful these cooling systems are sold alone without the passive copper heat sinks, which in general have not suffered dirt and heat as much as the fan.

Attention concerning the change of fan on EeePc, this one requires a complete and very complex disassembly of your computer, and contrary to other changes of spare parts, we strongly advise you to call on a professional to make this repair. Indeed, these disassembly and reassembly steps can be tricky and requires technical knowledge and experience so as not to damage other parts and especially to reassemble your EeePc correctly and completely.

Would you like professional advice, clarification, or simply have a question about your equipment? Our team of Asus specialists is at your disposal to accompany you during your navigations, your repairs or your purchases in order to advise you at the best and to bring you informed and thoughtful advice at every moment.

Take advantage of your navigation to find all the EeePc accessories, as well as all compatible Asus spare parts to perform various repairs or system improvements. These include screen tiles, power connectors, hinges, batteries, screen covers or touchpads to offer your pc perennially and quality at all times.
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