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Asus EeePC DC power

You can find the best price for DC power cables you need for your Asus notebook. You can also purchase from here the one DC power adapted for your laptop, at a great price.

Laptops have boomed in recent years due to their convenience while being able to offer incredible autonomy in any place, without having to worry about finding a close source of power. Asus and its EeePC are born from these desires of movement and freedom, with a laptop that will not impose any limit in terms of displacement and no constraints on its energy needs. That's why you chose it, to stay connected and continue your activities anywhere and anytime. But your usage habits have been stopped since your computer has a problem with the power connector.
How to be sure that your problem comes from the charging connector and not from the battery or charger? Here's a quick tip from our Asus professionals to help you:

Battery failure: As soon as you disconnect the power cable of your laptop, it turns off because the battery is no longer working, even 100% charged it turns off when asked to be autonomous.

Defective charger: the computer does not switch on at all; it works plugged in but wrong with system bugs (turns off / turns on), these cases are proof that the cable is no longer powerful enough to keep the computer running
Power connector deficient: the battery does not charge properly, even if it is plugged in, there is a play between the connector and the charger socket, the autonomy decreases little by little, the brightness changes when the pc is connected and the charger becomes hot

You are now certain that the fault is with your Asus charging connector, which has probably been the victim of heavy use, a bad fall, a sudden movement of the cable, or poor maintenance. This jack is essential to use your computer, since, without it, you need more power, more recharging of the battery and therefore no way to turn on and use your product; it is then time to change the power connector of the laptop!

Accessoires Asus allows you to repair your defective connector, then offering you Asus power connectors, under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, our parts ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Many references are available to find the connector for the EeePC corresponding to your model (1001, 1015, X101, S101, 1201, 1101 ...), so you can play, work or surf the web in the best conditions.

You will find internal charge connector references with various voltages according to the EeePC models; don't fear, this category is classified by series to ensure match and perfect compatibility between the selected product and your equipment. You will be able to remedy the false contact of your plug and connect in all serenity your charger to feed your PC again.

Attention, the installation of this internal charging connector is achieved with a micro-welding on the motherboard, we advise you to have this repair done by a professional so as not to damage the various components of your laptop.

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