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EeePC CMOS battery

Your Asus EeePc is no longer on time? The CMOS battery that saves this setting may need to be changed. Find the one you need on our online shop.
You've always loved your Asus EeePC notebook, which has kept you on the move with its battery life and well thought weight / ratio designed to match your nomadic desires. It is now several years that it accompanies you everywhere and serves you for everything with an ideal comfort of use to spend long moments there with it. But for some time your computer has some malfunctions, and after some research you have been told that it was perhaps the battery of the motherboard that was damaged.
Various symptoms are then peculiar to the failure of the Bios battery, also called cmos stack or PSTN stack: the date and time of your laptop are reset and then it is different every time you start your pc? Do you have problems when you turn on your laptop? Error messages appear before each load of the operating system? Your user information like the Hardware settings must be reset each time? Random malfunctions have appeared?

No doubt, your Asus bios battery needs to be changed! Indeed this battery which is on the motherboard is used to store all your boot information like the hardware configuration and the various parameters, it is part of the ROM. Without it no more saving the date, time, or setting data as it ensures the registration of all parameters.

Accessoires Asus offers you the possibility to change the Bios battery of the Asus laptop, offering you for sale EEEPC bios batteries, guaranteed and 100% original. Certified and manufactured by Asus, our batteries ensure optimal performance and safety while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
Many references are available to find the Asus EPC bios battery corresponding to your computer model (1001, 1215, 1008, 1015 ...), so that you can once again enjoy the many features and performances of your equipment.

Once the replacement bios battery is received, you will be able to change the EeePC battery yourself. For this, our team offers a simple and safe method to make yourself this change of spare parts, whether you are a professional or a simple amateur. Before you start, please turn off your pc and unplug it from any power source. Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Place your pc face down and remove its battery by unclipping its two postures
- A cover is facing you below the battery (RAM cover), unscrew its screw and remove it
- Then remove all the screws present on the bottom of the case as well as the one hidden at the level of the cover of the RAM removed previously
- Turn your computer and open it gently, then you have to remove the keyboard; it is held by small self-locking latches at the upper keys
- Then use the flat screwdriver to retract the various latches without damaging them and pull them out
- Attention by removing the keyboard, it is connected to an FFC that must be disconnected by unclipping its white connector located at its base to release
- You find yourself facing new screws, 6 in general, which must then be removed
- Undo the clips holding the unscrewed panel (under the keyboard) one by one, then remove it gently from its location, taking care to disconnect the web as before
- The battery is now facing you (special support designed and affixed to the motherboard), usually in the lower left corner of the keyboard, unplug the old one and put the new bios battery there
- Repeat the steps to reverse your computer

Small reminder: On average the lithium bios battery must be changed every 5 years, like any battery it has a limited life due to its natural wear.

Do you have questions about what to do or need clarification about the failure of your Asus laptop? Our team of Asus specialists is at your disposal at all times to give you advice and answers.
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