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Asus Eeepc cable

Asus Eeepc cable

You are the lucky owner of an Asus EeePC laptop, this improved netbook to offer its users a multimedia quality worked for a high definition, combined with high performance and reduced consumption for autonomy at the height of your movements. Your Asus notebook accompanies you in each of your tasks and in many places. But over intensive use, wear of components and possible impacts or mishandling, a cable is then found damaged or nonfunctional.
Your device overheated causing a surge in its components and your cable did not support it? Your screen is causing you problems when you open the cover of your computer? During a bad movement of your equipment a cable has been frayed and now has a false contact? You can not use your webcam any more because it does not work any more? You wanted to disassemble your computer to change a part or for curiosity and you cut a wire?
It is time for you to replace your LCD cable.
Asus offers you the opportunity to purchase all the spare parts and components for each product in its range, so that you can repair or improve your installation as you wish, extending its life.

On our site Accessoires Asus you can buy an EeePC cable. We sell new Asus LVDS cables, under warranty and 100% original and certified Asus manufactured.
We sell different Asus laptop cables, compatible with existing models (1008, 1005, 1001, 1201, 1225, 1101, 1215, 1025 ...) to give back to your equipment all of its functions.
In particular, you will find all the LVDS cables, also called LED cables, which constitute the sheet connecting the various elements located in the screen to the slab and to the motherboard as well as the webcam or the microphone if you have frayed or broken yours during a repair or during a trip.
But also the LCD cables that connect the slab of your screen to the motherboard and are therefore responsible for problems with your screen when you open the cover of the laptop.
Finally you will be able to acquire the cables of the Bluetooth card allowing its connection.

Your computer is a victim of a fault or a false contact coming from a cable but you can not distinguish the one which you would need? Do not panic, our team of Asus professionals is at your disposal to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information and details necessary for the proper repair of your equipment.

Also find on our website all the EeePC accessories, various spare parts such as batteries, chargers, screen tiles, keyboards or hinges to restore all the elements victims of their wear.
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