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Asus EeePc Bottom Case

Your Asus EeePC laptop never leaves you and accompanies you in all your business or personal travel, from home to office to public transport. This is one of the reasons why you chose it, in addition to its elegance and aesthetics, its weight/size ratio was designed to make this laptop the king of mobility and autonomy. Functional, comfortable, and quiet, you have found your perfect companion, not to mention the caches for connectivity that have allowed you to transport it with confidence. But for some time your use has changed, you can not carry your EeePC because it's broken or has a cracked bottom.
Has your computer been dropped or violently hit against another object that broke the lower plastics? After many trips without protection, a gap is then visible between the bottom case and the keyboard of your pc? Under computer protection no longer holds and you are afraid of losing it during transport? Did you accidentally put your laptop on a hot surface and the low-cost plastics melted making it unusable? It's time to change the bottom of your Asus laptop!
Small reminder: the plastics of the bottom case is present in order to properly protect your laptop, ensuring both the safety of components in relation to external residues or dust, but also by strengthening the maintenance of various elements and spare parts in their place. Without this bottom case in good condition, it is then the open door to dust and unwanted residues for the proper functioning of the various spare parts and for their durability. In addition, a space between these two parts no longer ensures the proper maintenance of the components and can then cause their displacement thus creating irreversible damage. It is time to replace the frame of your laptop!
Please note that it is possible to change the official Asus bottom case, Accessoires Asus sells new, guaranteed and 100% original low-cost plastics. Certified Asus manufactured, these parts ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment.
EeePC bottom cases are available, compatible with the different existing models (1000H, X101CH, 901, Seashell series, 1001PX ...) in order to offer you all the security and durability that your computer frame needs.
You will find in particular bottom case plastics of various colors (black, white, blue, gray, brown, pink, red) to fit perfectly with the design of your pc or your desire for changes. To make it easier for you, we have classified this category by series of computers so that you can find the part you need directly without having any doubt about its correspondence with your equipment.
In case you have also damaged the LCD cover, it is important to also renew this protection to prevent the cracking or scratching of your screen, forcing you to change more parts.

You will be able to repair the bottom of your laptop. For this our team of Asus professionals offers a simple method to make yourself this change of parts, whether you are professional or amateur it is simple manipulation. Before you start, please turn off your pc and unplug it from any power source. Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Stand in front of the damaged bottom case and unclip the two holders of the battery then remove it
- Using the Phillips screwdriver remove the various screws on the lower shell
- Place the flat screwdriver in the gap between the bottom of the body and the rest of the keyboard of the computer and gently leverage the whole round to dislodge
- Remove the bottom case taking care that no cable is hung between the two
- Position the new bottom and follow the steps in the opposite direction

Do you have questions about your equipment or how to proceed? Contact now our Asus experts.

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