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Asus EeePC board

Does your Asus EeePC laptop have a problem with the WiFi card (network card)? The jack socket is not working or obstructed? Do the different ports of your computer stop working randomly in a repetitive way?
This is probably a problem with a controller card of your Asus tablet, whether it is a card controlling the various ports, one concerning the WiFi connection, or the various USB connections and jack of your Asus laptop.
You may also want to change some controller cards to improve the performance of your equipment.

The controller card allows your computer to communicate with another device and thus manages the inputs/outputs, as well as the operation of the device that is associated with it (USB keys, external hard disk, CD player, etc.
); it can then manage audio ports, USB ports or even network ports.
There are various possibilities for the power failure of this card, but in general, it has been damaged as a result of a power surge or your card may be in good condition but one or more ports are no longer working. Changing only one port turns out to be a very delicate mission due to tiny welds, so it's much more feasible to change the entire controller board.

Thanks to Accessoires Asus you have the possibility to change the EeePC controller board. These Asus cards are under warranty and 100% original. Certified Asus manufactured, these parts ensure you optimal and safe performance by meeting the quality and warranty requirements of your equipment. Discover the different Asus laptop cards, compatible with the various existing models (1001, 1025, 1012, 1015 ...) to give your equipment all of its features.
You'll find the IO Boards for the EeePCs, also known as controller cards, for connecting peripherals to your Asus laptop and renewing your not working ports. These are equipped with a USB port, an audio jack, an RJ45 port and a SATA socket to offer you the best possible connectivity. You will also find Power Board cards, also called ignition cards, to repair your defective power button; these are sold directly with the start button. Finally, are also on sale the WiFi network cards, internal wireless connection cards to restore your connection and make it reliable and fluid at all times.

Be careful, we often recommend that our customers do their own repairs, which are often more stressful than complicated to do in order to avoid paying the labor of a professional, but changing a controller card can prove to be a complex and delicate step and requires a good experience and important technical knowledge. We, therefore, do not advise you to do it yourself, it will be preferable this time to call an expert rather than risk damaging other parts of your laptop and causing irreversible damage or failing to properly reassemble it once the replacement card is installed.

You will be able to find the optimal functioning of your EeePC. If you have questions about the different types of controller cards, our team of Asus specialists is here to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to repair your Asus computer.
Look around our site and find all the EeePC accessories, all the Asus spare parts, and components for repairs or system upgrades such as cables, power connectors, FFC cables, bios batteries, fans, and more.
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