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EeePC adapter

You are part of the large community of users of the Asus EeePC (1000, 1005, Seashell ...), this netbook created for quality multimedia entertainment, combining great performance and low consumption of energy. Its large autonomy, beautiful design, and ease of use make the EeePC a perfect companion for both professional and personal use, thanks to its great ease of transport and its ultra-lightweight.

But recently you no longer enjoy its practical mobility because your charger does not work anymore.
Several causes may explain the failure of your charger, the bad maintenance to the non-respect of the advice of uses while transporting it with bad protection, the cord of your charger did not survive and is found cut, with a false contact, or simply inactive. In order to continue using your Asus computer and enjoy all its features during your travels, there is only one solution for you: to acquire a new charger.

Remember that even if an original charger seems more expensive than a compatible charger, the quality of the product and its components is not the same! Purchasing suitable equipment gives you greater security in terms of both durability and efficiency, but also the longevity of your laptop.
Accessoires-Asus introduces you to various sector adapters that are compatible with the Asus netbooknew and 100% original, they are certified Asus manufactured to ensure professionalism and satisfaction at all times.
Various charging powers are available (22W, 23W, 30W, 36W, 40W or 60W) to suit every need and every model.
All of our power adapters are sold with the power cord to effectively recharge your battery when you receive your charger.
Also offered for sale are multi-tip cigarette lighter chargers allowing you to charge all of your Asus brand equipment during your car trips with a single piece of equipment to avoid unnecessary clutter; but also power cables for all your EeePcs so you do not have to buy the entire charger as you need it.
Caution: It is important to check the voltage and amperage of your charger before placing your order. Also, remember to look for the charger according to the model of your laptop and not according to the reference on your existing charger! We know that it is tempting to take a charger with extra capacity, but that will not increase the power or duration of your charge.
If your need is urgent, due to professional use, for example, we guarantee a delivery within 24 to 48 hours. In addition, all our products are under warranty, ranging from 3 to 24 months, ensuring the replacement or repair of your equipment if necessary.
Browse the rest of the EeePC range of accessories to complete your installation or discover different spare parts for your other breakdowns or repairs such as keyboards, LCD panels, top cases, or bottom cases.

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