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EeePc accessories

EeePc accessories

In this era where the internet and IT equipment have become a must-have every day and with a multitude of features, you have decided to take the plunge and you have acquired an Asus EeePC. This ultraportable has seduced you with its ease of use, its beautiful autonomy and its complete connectivity that met all your expectations in terms of use. In addition, you have been able to customize the design of your Asus laptop while buying at a very attractive price and you now have access to the internet easily and at any time.
You can navigate at your leisure, listen to music, watch films or series to the delight of the family. But you're tired of watching films on a small screen and you would like to connect the pc to the television to increase your viewing comfort and have a more immersive look: you need an Asus HDMI adapter!
Thanks to Accessoires Asus you can convert your data from the computer to the TV because we sell new Asus VGA dongles, under warranty and 100% original. Available HDMI converters, compatible with the various EPC models (1000H, X101CH, 901, Seashell series, 1001PX ...) to offer you a view with the size of your want.

Find on our commercial site internal WiFi antennas, whether you want it white or black, if you accidentally cut or damaged yours and want to connect to your wireless network. You will be able to count on a more reliable connection in the long term! You are also offered external WiFi antennas to screw directly on the socket of the WiFi antenna to facilitate the installation of the wireless connection without having to disassemble your computer.

Useful for all equipment and essential for better viewing quality, these adapters will allow you to convert your data in two ways: HDMI to VGA or conversely VGA to HDMI. You will be able to connect your small laptop screen to a TV to watch a series and several on a large screen or connect two laptops together to exchange heavy documents or multimedia files.

These HDMI dongles will facilitate your use and your viewing by allowing you to connect your different screens and devices between them, simply and easily. To help you choose the adapter you need, this category has been classified by EeePC model to ensure that your equipment matches the missing converter, so you can enjoy it as soon as you receive it!

Looking for an Asus adapter or a specific VGA connector and looking for professional advice? Our team of Asus experts is at your disposal to provide you with all the answers and details necessary to fully meet your demand and your expectations in terms of connectivity.

Take advantage of your navigation to find Asus accessories as well as spare parts and components for the EeePC such as batteries, chargers, screen tiles, power connectors or FFC's.
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