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Spare parts and accessories for EeePc

Spare parts and accessories for EeePc

If you are looking for the best Asus EeePc accessories and components, this is the place to be. In fact, you can order on our online shop keyboards, batteries, adapters, LCD panels, fans, etc...
Laptops have been in vogue for many years and more and more people who are new to computer science have already taken the plunge to discover this new generation of equipment based on innovation, ease of handling and versatility. In an era where mobility and travel are essential, Asus has created the EeePc, combining lightness, ease of handling, affordability and neat design. Dedicated to various uses, it can also be adapted for beginners, for a home office use, or for a nomadic person needing a device that is easy to move around.
This mini-computer is sold with its keyboard, a touchpad, a webcam and great connectivity in order to bring ergonomics and ease of use for all, thanks to tools and software that are very intuitive and already installed on the computer.
If you are on this page, then you are part of the buyers of this range of EPC, all models and all its series (1008, T101, 7011, R105 ...).
Two possibilities for your search are then distinguished: either some spare parts or accessories are defective and you want to repair or change them, or the system has become too slow due to prolonged use and you want to give a second chance to your equipment. You can boost your system to make it more efficient and faster thanks to new components.

Accessoires Asus then offers a wide range of products to equip you with the best accessories for your EeePc. You will then be able to order many Asus accessories on our website, such as keyboard, battery, charger, fan, touchpad, 3G keys, top case, bios batteries etc.

You will also find all your bottom case, bracket, various cables, controller boards power connectors, hinges, LCD bezel, top case, and all other parts that can perfect your installation.
You will be able to rebuild from scratch your computer according to your ideas, your desires and your needs to give it a second youth and enrich your working comfort while removing its problems of slow functioning.

Our service team is at your disposal to answer your various questions about the change of the parts of your product, or to advise you as to the improvements to be made to it. To help you make the right choice and to be sure of the correspondence between your computer and the accessories ordered, our online meta configurator will guide you by indicating only the parts corresponding to your computer; to do it will be enough for it to specify the type of apparatus which you hold as well as its series.

We offer for sale only new parts, certified Asus manufactured and all guaranteed minimum 3 months to ensure professionalism, reliability of accessories and durability of your computer.

Also find on our website other accessories for your equipment, such as headphones or all the protections necessary for its safety during each of your trips.
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