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Spare parts and accessories for Asus Eeebox

Find here all the Asus EeeBox accessories you need. Items are brand new and available at the best price on our online shop. It is about adapters, fans, RAM for Eeebox : EB1006, P242, TC710, EB1012, EB1501...
You have a desktop Asus EeeBox, this mini desktop PC that combines simplicity, strength and compactness. This inexpensive model is ideal for the home, it complements the family equipment by minimizing the clutter of your office. It can for example easily integrate a student room.
Sometimes, due to excessive use or poor maintenance, your mini-computer experiences slowdowns, or some accessories have reached their limit and you need to replace them. It's from the perspective of sustainability and product quality that Asus sells all the accessories and EeeBox components you need to repair or upgrade your desktop computer.

Accessoires Asus presents in this section the various EeeBox components always at the best price and with immediate availability.

You will find chargers, either to replace your defective or lost or you want a basic charger, a box-type charger, the one with multiple tips or cigar lighter charger to accompany you in all your travels, for all needs and all desires. We also offer fans to always ensure the proper cooling of your system and therefore the good conservation and durability of all its components present in its case.

You may have a need related to a failure or personal utility, such as the desire to increase the memory of your desktop, having already filled the original bar. You will then find several memory modules to meet your data storage or media storage needs, with various capacities available (ranging from 2 GB, 8 GB to 4 GB).

Finally, we offer for sale Wifi antennas (black or white) to improve your connectivity and the fluidity of your Internet browsing and a metal fixing kit to attach your EeeBox behind your computer screen. 
If you intend to make these changes yourself, we also offer tool kits to make these repairs by yourself.
If it is not your thing and you are afraid of making a mistake during the disassembly - reassembly step? Do not worry, our After Sales Service team is at your disposal to advise you and reassure you as to the best method to use.

All of our products are new, certified Asus manufactured and under warranty of 3 months up to 24 months, to ensure professionalism and satisfaction at all times.
Discover now also your various accessories and equipments compatible with your EeeBox desktop, such as mice, keyboards, or audio accessories to make your installation more complete and powerful than ever. All rights reserved © 2017 Powered by Net Invaders