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Screen module for EeeBook

The LCD panel of your EeeBook or VivoBook is damaged ? We suggest a screen module for the Asus Notebook to let you repair your laptop and extend its use.
You have been the lucky holder of an Asus EeeBook for some time now, this ultraportable is so easy to carry and has a comfort of use perfect for a professional and regular use. Its small size does not hinder its performance, and has allowed you to take it everywhere and stay connected continuously with a great autonomy and attractive visual quality, specific to the other products of its manufacturer Asus. But all these nomadic pleasures have come to an end since your EeeBook display is defective.
Two cases are then possible: either only your slab is ruined, or you have to change the complete screen module.

Your screen has a scratch or crack? The image now has tasks, dead pixels or vertical lines? Your pc has been hit or dropped and the screen is depressed? Your screen stays black and does not turn on at all? You moved with your pc without protection and the screen is now heavily damaged?

It is important to distinguish between slab failure and screen module failure.

Slab: it has suffered a short circuit or a natural wear, your screen then has no break or crack, the touch is intact but it remains black and no longer lights.

Screen Module: concerns all the breaks, cracks and problems related to the top screen whether the display works or not.

Accessoires Asus, with a view to making Asus devices last, offers EeeBook display modules and EeeBook screen tiles to find the full functionality of your notebook. We sell these two products, under warranty and 100% original, for all models of EeeBook (X205, E402, E502, X206 ...), so that you can again use and transport your computer without worry.

Certified by Asus ROG, all of our products ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the requirements of quality and durability of your use, even intensive, so that your screen regain its splendor of yesteryear.

You will be able to order your touch screen module or 7 "LED panel following the previously defined fault. If you still have doubts about the part you need, please contact our Asus team of experts right now, they will give all the necessary information and specify them missing so that you finally determine where the fault comes from and avoid ordering. a piece you do not need!

Attention, unlike the screen module, the change of the screen plate is strongly discouraged to any amateur; Unlike other repairs, it is wiser to hire a professional to perform this slab repair due to its complexity.
However, you can easily change the screen module yourself. Our team shares with you a simple method to change the screen module of your Asus laptop:
- Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, turn off your computer and unplug it from any AC outlet
- Place the computer as if to use it, and remove the screw covers arranged around the screen
- Then unscrew the two screws present at the bottom of your screen
- You can then slide your flat screwdriver between the screen outline and the back cover to dislodge them delicately, especially do not shoot to dissociate them!
- Several layers connect your screen module to the back cover, unplug them by levering on the white flaps (fasteners) present at their ends
- Remove the module, place the new one in its place and then reconnect the FFC's and proceed in reverse to reassemble your computer screen.

Take advantage of your navigation to discover our wide range of spare parts and accessories for the EeeBook, where in particular we have available the chargers, batteries, keyboards, hinges,  WiFi antennas or bottom cases.


Matte 7 inch LED LCD Panel

Matte 7 inch LED LCD Panel
Matte 7" LCD Panel for the VivoBook. Screen Resolution: 800 x 480....
129 ATI
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Full touch screen LCD Panel for EeeBook 11.6 inch

Full touch screen LCD Panel for EeeBook 11.6 inch
Full LCD Module including the 11.6 LED HD slim LCD Panel. Includes the LCD Panel black front cover and the touch screen glass. Touch screen reference: ASNGDM-1161505 V1.0 F....
279 ATI
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