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Asus EeeBook WiFi antenna

Replace your Asus EeeBook WiFi antenna with a brand new one available at the best price on our online shop. Find a right WiFi antenna (black string) or a left WiFi antenna (white string).
As the owner of an Asus EeeBook, your laptop is easy to get by with its ideal weight-to-size ratio and long battery life for mobile use. This top-of-the-line computer has all the features and ports you need, along with flawless performance and easy, intuitive handling whether you've purchased it for business or for use personal and family. But for some time its use has been much less pleasant and reduced when your EeeBook began to present network problems and you found that your WiFi antenna was no longer working, thus preventing you from surfing the internet.
No more network appears on your computer, yet your box is functional? You dropped your laptop or it suffered a violent shock? The many openings and closures of the hood cut the antenna? You no longer correctly capture the network, or only randomly? Error messages appear when you try to launch the WiFi?

Two parts can then be the cause: the WiFi antenna which receives and captures the neighboring signal, and the WiFi card, also called the network controller card, which it uses this WiFi connection and manages the various associated parameters by making the connections.

How to know what is broken down in your equipment? The answer is simple, the antenna is the only concerned if your computer has been dropped or has suffered too much opening and closing of the hood and the wire has been cut or damaged. All the other faults are due to the network controller card. The easiest way to be sure that the fault is with the WiFi antenna is simply to open the bottom of the computer to look at the appearance of WiFi antennas (pinch, movement, wire cut or disconnected).

Accessoires Asus sells official WiFi antennas, for the whole EeeBook range (E200, E205, E403...), brand new, 100% original, produced and certified by Asus .
You will be able to buy a new WiFi antenna to find all the internet connectivity for your laptop. Here available separately, are the right WiFi antenna (black wire) and the left WiFi antenna (white wire) according to your needs and the breakdown of your laptop Asus.

Our team shares with you a simple method to make this change of parts yourself; remember to turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source before starting any operation. Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Place your computer close, face down, you end up facing the bottom of your EeeBook
- Remove the various screws present on this rear cover
- Place the flat screwdriver in the gap between the back shell and the front of your computer and gently pry the whole round to loosen them
- Lift the back shell, the wifi antenna is then placed along the opening / closing system of your screen, it is a small long and thin cable
- Remove the defective antenna and replace it with the new one, then follow the steps in the opposite direction to reassemble your computer
If you have any doubt about the failure of your computer or if you want to know more about the ideal way to change the parts, get in touch with our team of Asus professionals , available by email to bring you advice and answers to your questions.
Browse our site and also find many Asus spare parts for the EeeBook, such as fans, touch pads, pads, power connectors, cables or controller cards.


Right WiFi antenna

Right WiFi antenna
Right black wire WiFi antenna for the laptops from Asus....
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Left WiFi antenna

Left WiFi antenna
Left white wire WiFi antenna for the laptops from Asus....
15 ATI
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