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Spare parts and accessories for Asus Eeebook

Find here all the accessories and spare parts for your EeeBook on our online shop. You can order for example at the best price cables, adapters, keyboards and fans to work in excellent conditions, at home or during travels.
You have fallen in love with the Asus Eeebook range (X205, E403, X206, E402, E502) this lightweight and compact laptop, offering an optimized design and ultra thin to accompany you on all your trips with its long battery life. Ideal for learning, working and playing easily, many of you have chosen it. But with time, because of the many displacements and not necessarily under good conditions or with a good protection, or due to an intensive use without regular maintenance, your computer presents some defective parts or slowed down. Asus then offers all the spare parts, accessories and components of your EeeBook computer for sale so that you can repair or improve it without having to change your laptop!

Accessoires Asus presents in this section all the elements for your Eeebook to find an optimal use in excellent conditions, that you use it often on the road or at home.
You will find all the elements related to the physical appearance and design of your product, such as bottoms, bezels, hinge covers or LCD covers with many colors available (red, white, light gray, black, gray dark, blue ...).
You'll be able to put your computer back in like-new condition and provide full protection with new, high-quality, certified Asus hulls, shields, hinges, and cases to replace your cracked, lost or broken ones.

Also available for sale on our site, are all the elements essential to the proper use of your Asus laptop, such as touchpad elements known for their high sensitivity (sticky plate, touchpad) with the color of your choice, the screen module or the keyboard available in different colors and in several languages (Luxembourgh, Swiss, French, American, Belgian, Spanish, Italian); as many irreplaceable elements to use your laptop.
We also offer batteries with various capacities (4010mAh, 4840mAh, 5000mAh), the power connector for X205 or the charger for your computer Asus, to repair your computer and extend its use over time by simply changing the worn or broken down element of your Asus computer.

Finally you will find all the small components and various essential elements for the proper functioning and ergonomics of your laptop with WiFi antennas (right and left), EDP cables connecting the motherboard and the slab, controller cards, hinges, various cables (8pin, 20pin, 24pin) or even fans and heat sinks to keep your system cool at all times.

Do you have any doubt about which item to change or which method to use if you do not want to hire a professional for repairs? Our service team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and provide you with professional advice on the dismantling of spare parts and components. In addition, all our products are under warranty from 3 months to 24 months and delivered quickly.

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