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ROG Ranger Backpack

ROG Ranger Backpack

P/N : 90XB0310-BBP010
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THE backpack for 17" Gaming Laptop

Ranger Back Pack

The ROG Ranger Backpack is perfect for transporting a Laptop up to 17 inches. It has an extraordinary storage capacity and an extreme defiance to all types of weather conditions in conjunction with a slick layout for all Gamers amusements.

A backpack for sizable laptops

ROG Ranger Backlight

The ROG Ranger backpack provides a broad unique storage for 17 inch laptops (17.7 x 13.3 x 1.9 inches - 43,5 x 34 x 5,3 cm) and also an expandable primary compartment. This one has a 36L capacity that can go up to 42L when the smart pocket is opened and spread out, the perfect way to transport all of your Gaming items like a ROG GK2000 keyboard and a Strix 7.1.

Ergonomic layout for extreme comfort

Large storage

The ROG Ranger Backpack is built with a dense cushioning on the back as well as on the shoulders to offer an extreme comfort even when you trasnport your Gaming Laptop and all its accessories.
Furthermore, the cushioned materials provide a fantastic ventillation within the backpack and restricts sweating during the hot summer days.
To maintain a complete hold this Gamer Backpack has a chest strap as well.

Maintain your laptop secure and dry.

Water proof backpack

Need to endure the stormy weather with your PC ? Don't panic, the ROG Ranger Backpack is made of polyester and polyurthane fabrics which makes it waterproof.
Furthermore, a sensible pocket underneath the backpack provides an impermeable cover to maintain all of your devices dry and secure..

Uncover all of the benefits of the ROG Ranger in this video:


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