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Unpack your order

Before unpacking your order when receiving, make sure visually that you ordered the right item.
If there is a mistake in your order, a discount may be applied or the return declined if the parcel is damaged, open seals, serial number label thrown or torn...
Every item returned incomplete or improper will be refused or discounted.
If the parcel is refused for improperty, France Accessoires reserves the right to charge you for processing fees and shipment fees. If you refuse those fees, returned items will be destroyed.

Order error and return process

If there is a mistake in your order, remember that you have to ask for a return request via your customer account on our website, then at the reception of the process you will be able to return marchandises in their official packaging in a perfect condition (label, accessories, protections...)
The return process has to be fully completed including your device serial number (Notebook, smartphone, tablet...). If you have many items to return, thank you in advance to make one request per item.
Return RMA number (Return Marchandises Authorization) will be sent under 48 worked hours.
You will have 14 worked days (at the process reception) to return your items, if this deadline is not respected, the return agreement will not be valid and the parcel refused.

Wrap all items with protective materiald to avoid impacts, in an adequate quantity, it will protect any worsening during the carriage.
Write clearly outside the package your RMA number (close to shipment address, with "RMA" in large characters). Items returned without RMA number will be refused.

Marchandises return will be under the customer charge, and under it's responsability, reason why it is advisable to send the parcel with a tracking, declaring the real item value and suscribe in insurance to cover all risks. Our company is not responsible of any parcel delivered damaged or lost.

Guarantee will not be applied if the item is having wear marks or is physically damaged in an intact box.
After checking the returned marchandise conformity, a credit note or a refund of the item amount will be done. Credit note or refund will be done under 14 worked days after the return parcel reception.

Retractation right

Retractation right (request done under 14 worked days after return reception) is only relevant for particulars if the item is returned in the full official packaging, including accessories and instructions, to be sold as brand new.

Recipient reservations when receiving your parcel

We advise you to put some reservations nearby the carrier is the returned parcel is opened, improper or damaged.
For deliveries with "Ici Relais" carrier DPD :
For deliveries with La Poste
For deliveries with FedEx (Only hand to hand deliveries, do not hesitate to open the parcel with the carrier).

Marchandises deliveries is closing the carrier contract and presumption of liability.
As the recipient is receiving the good, all risks about damaging or lost are on the customer charge.
Customer must to put reservations at the delivery, if marchandises are improper in quality and/or quantity than the expectation.
Reservations have to complete three conditions to be relevant: they have to be written, significant and complete.
If these three conditions are not completed, France Accessoires and the carrier responsabilities will not be engaged.